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Default Happy New Year to all

I want to take this opportunity to say "thank you" and good luck ( or God Bless! to those who understand such things) at this time of year. I am not a religious man, so to speak, but I like to think I am a thoughtful man who knows who has his interests in mind. I thank all who have engaged me in this forum, pro and con, and those who have only been witness. I feel enlarged by the very fact of publication and the resultant discourse. I am grateful for that. I feel challenged by the opinions of others - I think they make me better at what I intend to do - and I am grateful for that, too. Mostly, though, I am grateful for a forum in which I can express myself, pretty much ad hoc, and be accepted and engaged by lke-minded people. This is what we were brought up to expect and to demand.

We are doing it here! Are we doing it perfectly? I will let others opine and decide.
For my part, I am glad to be a part of what we have here and what we can hope for it to become. I thank you all for the past year - which is my level of involvement - and I challenge you all to be as kind and as open minded to the participants as you are to the authors you review. The people who try to understand are more important, ultimately, than the people who claim to (already) understand! Not only are they more numerous, they are more insightful.

Thank you all for the appreciation and welcome I received. Let's do as well to the next members.
"Anyone can run to excesses,
It is easy to shoot past the mark,
It is hard to stand firm in the middle." (E. Pound) | My Palimplist| Blog
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Default Re: Happy New Year to all

Happy New Year, all!
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Default Re: Happy New Year to all

Happy 2012, everyone!
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Default Re: Happy New Year to all

Slightly belated New Year wishes from me too. Here's to a peaceful and rewarding 2012 for everyone.
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