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Default Fiction written in the present tense

Browsing The Guardian book blog I happened upon an article on the topic of a perceived modern trend towards the present tense. Its full content is here (quite short):

Philip Pullman is scathing. For my part, I am struggling to think of instances where the present tense has significantly added anything to a book. My current read, Lennon's Mailman, flits between present and past and because it is a novel based largely on reflections, it works. But in Coetzee's Disgrace, for instance, I really couldn't see its merit.

What are the views of the Palimpsphere? Can the present tense enable greater penetration of a character? Make you really feel the immediacy of the events of the book? Or is it a trivial matter making little difference either way? One view is that in the past tense, the characters are the author's prisoners, whereas in the present tense characters are equal to you and alongside you. I'm not sure I concur, because no matter what the tense the events of a book are still whatever the author decides they're going to be.

I toss it in for debate...
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Default Re: Fiction written in the present tense

Hm, it seems it was sparked by criticism of the Man Booker shortlist this year.

I can't say I'm bothered one way or the other. Good writing is good writing, whatever the tense the author decides to use. Galgut, McCarthy, and Donoghue have created three very distinct books. I can't say I noticed that they're all using the same tense! Is Pullman perhaps upset that his latest novel wasn't on the list?
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Default Re: Fiction written in the present tense

There's one [and a half] good case[s] to justify present tense.

Anyone writing in the first person implies, if he writes in the past tense, that he survived long enough to write a book about the events. If the author wants to imply that the 1st person narrator may not have survived [or if it's a diary], then the present tense has a place.

I think 3rd person narrator with present tense needs justifying - for example, to clarify between past imperfect, past, and pluperfect tenses in use in the rest of the book.
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Default Re: Fiction written in the present tense

Gil has listed the only practical uses. Other than those, I've never seen the point, and have always been slightly annoyed by it, viewing it, as I do, as a pointless affectation. But if the book is otherwise good, I honestly don't really care.
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