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Our school library was appalling - but we have a decent public library (2 now, they have just built a new one) so I made full use of that!

As I said, it was the presumption that she could tell me what to read in my spare time that really irritated me!

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Oh dear...

And just what we need, more Media Studies students:
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Again, neither of these would matter if parents spent time with their offspring, reading to them and talking to them. It's too easy for parents to think a TV in the bedroom will solve bedtime, by switching on CBeebies bedtime hour with some 'celebrity' reading a tale far beneath their child's comprehension (here, Jackanory did far better), or even (as I have heard from at least one acquaintance, so they can drift off to sleep whilst Mum/Dad lies beside them watching Eastenders).

[anecdote from last Thursday in a school nursery - where a four yr old chose the storybook for circle time, a non-fiction volume on spiders, which the teacher (not me) read with scant interest, followed by a story of her choice - The Little Penguin - a tedious yawn about a baby penguin losing its daddy (good parental role models offered though) and finding him + mummy again). Said four yr old rolled around agitated on floor, confessing This story is boring, I don't want to listen to it! ]

What it takes is parents' time and the willingness to miss (or use the video, why can't they?) their own pleasures. Last night 6.30-8pm chez Colyngbourne offered three chapters of James & Giant Peach, a chapter of Diana Wynne Jones Howl's Moving Castle, a chapter and a half of Jane Eyre (mostly read aloud by the 10 yr old) (plus the spouse doing a chapter of Laura Ingalls The Long Winter) and then enough time to talk about what the stories and characters were about.

The same goes for adverts and the news/media - if people can be bothered to watch it themselves and encourage their kids to stay in the room (and not always - though sometimes - turn over to the Simpsons). If you talk about the news and adverts with them just like you'd natter with them about Eastenders or Hell's Kitchen or whatever programmes you watch, it's just as easy to say 'That's a load of rubbish - listen, Coca Cola do this...' or 'The BBC is going down the pan, because when they report about such-and-such, they're not telling you...or they're using these words to describe these people, but not others...'
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is beyond help
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Originally Posted by Colyngbourne
What it takes is parents' time and the willingness to miss (or use the video, why can't they?) their own pleasures.
That's the key, of course. The bedtime ritual over ours involves the obligatory story and then parental pottering in case we're needed. Our TV goes on when sleep hits. It's simple, or it should be.

A bit of CBeebies doesn't hurt, but if the kids watch telly I'd sooner they use a DVD or a video which, once we know it too, we can talk about.
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