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Well, now I've done my ranting, and established myself as a sort of immoderate all-over-the-place sort of chap, I'll summarise where I am:

o I am against the exploitation and persecution of the weak
o I am against the featherbedding of the shiftless
o I think the removal of discipline from education is a bad thing. The Swedes, who invented all that namby-pamby stuff, are repenting of it now. Compared with my generation, I find the education of most kids deficient in basics. It takes a determined child to learn about boring stuff like grammar, algebra and physics when the teaching is so slack (and I apologise to any teachers who are reading this... it's the system, not the individuals)
o I detest what is now known as "spin". This has always been present in politics and every other field, but in politics it has reached a stage where the few politicians who say what they think (as opposed to the party spin-line) are regarded as dangerous cranks and are banished from the front benches.
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