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The Milk Oracle
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Default Anything is better than silence...

...even bad poetry! ;)

Thus I decided to post the poem I wrote in today's and yesterday's lectures to keep me awake.


He shut his eyes and ears with anger armed;
Dull hatred echoed from the creature's cries.
Muscles tight, fury flashes from its eyes,
Distorts the gaze, now restless and alarmed.

Suddenly, arteries contract in fits,
Pumping greenish blood erecting goblin
Muscles bursting jeans and cotton tearing
Greenish teardrops out of the crusted lids.

Unleashed, the force of the emerald fist;
Trampled, those who waken the mighty feet;
Crushed, those whose skulls into the grip retreat;
All doomed, who rouse the green carnage of lust.

Trembling, the lids he from his eyes withdrew,
His eyes, so peaceful, tranquil, quiet, blue.

Edit: removed a typo
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columbianus Rex
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That was the first poem about a superhero I've ever had the pleasure of reading. And about the Incredible Hulk, no less!

Well done, Oracle; the way you described Bruce Banner's transformation does the comic book justice. Perhaps my only criticism is the absence of that quintessential Hulk epithet: "Hulk smash puny humans!"
"Only presidents, editors, and people with tapeworms ought to have the right to use 'we'". -Mark Twain
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