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John Self
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Default Re: Notes on Posting

That seems sensible, Ang.

Whenever you post, consider whether your comments could reasonably be seen as arrogant, aggressive or combative, and adjust them accordingly. This is a forum for friendly discussion.
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John from Paris
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Default Re: Notes on Posting

Considering the flashpoints which have occurred over the last day or so, I just wanted to say I find these guidelines eminently sensible.
I've noticed myself that it is all too easy to i) react too quickly to something that one doesn't agree with; or ii) use turns of phrase that can be interpreted as hostile or accusatory. Or, of course, both...
For example, and for the record, my original draft [which I have kept on my computer] to this post, where I responded to John Self's thoughts on Jonathan Coe's What A Carve Up!, started as follows:
I think it is rather arrogant of you to decree that you have demoted What A Carve Up! from to
When I intend to write quite a lot and/or about something I have strong views about, and even more when disagreement with another member is involved, I really feel it is a good idea to do a draft, which can then be copied and pasted onto the forum.

[personal anecdote edited out]

I think it is vital to respect protocol, and that this has to be shared and generally accepted protocol.

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Default Re: Notes on Posting

Originally Posted by Wavid View Post
1. Reading threads before replying to them

It might be a good idea to do this. It helps to stop conversations going round and round in circles for one thing. Most threads aren't so lengthy that it is unfeasible to do so. This really is the preferred option here.

However, there are times when it isn't possible, especially if it is a quick query on a specific matter inside a gigantic thread. Most of the time it doesn't matter of course, because that issue might not have been discussed before. But, if it has been, then it's perfectly reasonable for members aware of the thread's history to post links to where in the thread the matter was discussed.

The 'crime' of posting something repetitive though, is simply nowhere near the Number One offence of...

3. Threads for Authors or Threads for Books?

A most contentious issue, this. The official (I think) Palimp line is that if you are reviewing a book by, or information or a questions about, an author who hasn't been covered before, then you can either start a thread with just the author's name, or one with the name and the book title.

If a thread exists for the author, then that's fine, put the review, information or question there.

If a thread exists for the author with a different book title, put yours there anyway. An admin will soon spot it and change the thread title to be just the author.

There are separate threads out there for authors with different books - these are largely historical and the thread content is often too complicated to merge them. Others will be picked up and merged as they are spotted.
Because of number 3, number 1 is difficult for me. When I've finished a book I love to read through the thread on that book and see what people think, but I don't want to read much about books I have not yet read - I enjoy a book so much more if I know nothing about it other than what made me choose it in the first place - the blurb on the back, or someone's brief recommendation posted here somewhere.

Please please please do not take this as a complaint - I just wondered if I am unusual in not wanting to know much before I start. I won't even let my husband tell me whether he likes it or not anymore if he reads a book before me.

The lists that people create are a great way for me of choosing books, as there are a few of you here who I can just glance through your lists and be almost guaranteed I'll like what you like (Perfume being the notable exception so far). The additional lists, like top 10 novels written by women, and top 10 playful texts, are super for me because they don't tell me too much and I've so far this year read two excellent books recommended in those two threads alone.

So again, I'm not complaining, there is plenty for me to get on with for recommendations, but I'm less likely to read and respond to a thread about an author unless I've read all or most of his/her books.
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Default Re: Notes on Posting

test (bear with me!)
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