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John Self
suffers from smallness of vision
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Default Members' Blogs

Here is a place for us to list our own blog addresses for easy reference. Please use this thread only for linking to your own blog: discussion of blogs and other posts should be kept to the existing blog discussion thread.

My blog: Asylum
Reading Vasily Grossman, Life and Fate | Asylum | Book List
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Lizzy Siddal
is a palimpsestin' fool!
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Default Re: Members' Blogs

Your asylum inspired me to create my own, inferior copy. But while there's life, there's always room for improvement!

Lizzy's Literary Life

Edit: Blog renamed
Reviews at Lizzy's Literary Life

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Senior Palimpsester
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Default Re: Members' Blogs

My blog's called Global Suburb, but I'm really wishing I'd used a different name now. Meh. The tagline's Looking for crossroads between Meatspace and Cyberspace, and the blog is basically a journal for my project at school this year. Expect ramblings regarding suburbia, identity, community, revolution, and eventually - with any luck - some kind of design-related stuff.
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Senior Palimpsester

has the freedom of Palimp City
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Default Re: Members' Blogs

Not very much in mine as yet, but here it is anyway (although anyone clever enough to find their way to Palimpsest is already on my doorstep): Sidepages. I still like the name!
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Senior Palimpsester
should be ashamed
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Default Re: Members' Blogs




Both (with added porn):the-junk-monkey
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There Are Not Seven Words In My Signature

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ono no komachi
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Default Re: Members' Blogs

I have one of the ones kindly hosted by Our Esteemed Leader. You'll see (if you make the ill-advised foray) that I'm not ever so good at updating it regularly.
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has nowt better to do
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Default Re: Members' Blogs

Well, it's only a week old so there's nothing on there really; it's part of my course, I have to set up a blog and update it every two days, trying not to limit myself to "I got up and had breakfast and went to a lecture". And so far I seem to be writing a lot of rubbish. But I'll probably do some book reviews to fill up space, so it might be worth a look in the future.

Oh, the Humanities.
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Junior Palimpsestarian
is starting to settle in
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Default Re: Members' Blogs

I had a blog but Gil pinched it.
Jane's Fighting Sheep (1966 edn.)
Carfilhiot's recently-resumed blog...
The now-complete Ruined blog...
Oh, and remember fauxhunter
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rick green
could do better
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Default Re: Members' Blogs

Here's mine: A Case of Brain Fever. So far, most of my hits are for people googling "brain fever," so it's not exactly a success. Ha ha.
now watch me work
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befriends strangers
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Default Re: Members' Blogs

Mine is at
Site Admin | Blog | Reading List | Email | Current Reading: The Sportswriter, Richard Ford
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