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Default 2006 Filmlists

10. Superman Returns
9. Over the Hedge
8. The Wild
7. Ice Age 2
6. Starsky and Hutch (DVD):
5. Farenheit 9/11 (DVD):
4. Batman Begins (DVD):
3. Sin City (DVD) :
2. Chicken Little (Cinema):
1. Raising Arizona (DVD):
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Default Re: Filmlists 2006

Honeypotts's 2006 Fillum List

21. Deep Water and a half
20. Casino Royale
19. The Departed
18. The History Boys
17. Wordplay
16. The Devil Wears Prada
15. Urban Warrior and a half
14. The Entertainer
13. The Queen and a half
12. Little Miss Sunshine
11. Volver
10. Lemming and a half. (review to follow, possibly)
9. Hidden
8. Goodnight and Good Luck
7. La Regle du Jeu
6. A Cock and Bull Story - Just
5. Walk the Line
4. Rashomon and a half
3. Crash
2. The Constant Gardener
1. Brokeback Mountain Out-bloody-standing. What a glorious start to the year!

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Default Re: Filmlists 2006

ono's Film List 2006

40. The Man in the Iron Mask I know this is overrating it but what can you do in the face of Jeremy Irons, Gabriel Byrne, Gerard Depardieu and John Malkovich? Even if they are hamming and cheesing it up spectacularly?
39. Mrs Henderson Presents An excellent cast made the best of a less-than-fabulous plot.
38. Pan's Labyrinth Very good indeed, but maybe I didn't get the full effect in a small lecture-theatre-like cinema.
37. The Station Agent
At last! I really enjoyed the understated drama and quiet giggles, but it didn't quite make it to five stars.
36. Changing Lanes Despite all Affleck's efforts to turn this Grisham-a-like into a turd, a reasonably twisty storyline and great performance from Sam Jackson hoicked it all the way up to two stars.
35. The Entertainer Great stuff from Larry, Joan and the young Alan Bates (mind you, that was a criminal waste of a Finney if ever I saw one) nice cameo from Thora Hird, but not up to much for the rest.
34. Four Weddings and a Funeral However did I manage to sit through this tripe... again? One star for Simon Callow, John Hannah and WH Auden.
33. The Children of Men
32. Les Diaboliques I'm sure it was impressive in its day, but to me, not so much now.
31. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Sort of doubting now that it can have been as good as it seemed while watching, but I can't wait to watch it again, so I'll stick with my first impression.
30. Sin City The SO said he 'kind of enjoyed it, apart from the gratuitous violence and ridiculous plotlines.' My one star is mainly for the cinematography.
29. Enemy of the State Will Smith and Jerry Bruckheimer - an explosive (ahem) combination
28. Topsy-Turvy
27. Superman Returns
26. An Ideal Husband Rupert Everett and Jeremy Northam, Cate Blanchett and Minnie Driver. Was there ever a more likeable cast?
25. Cruel Intentions Far better than I expected it to be.
24. The Pianist I can see why it got all the plaudits, especially Adrien Brody's performance. I really wanted to be moved by it, but just... wasn't.
23. Mission Impossible III Run, Tom, run! "For 3/4 mile straight on, then left for 500 yards." You'd think he'd have some kind of portable GPS in this day and age, wouldn't you?
22. Ride with the Devil
21. Brick
20. Shine
19. Ice Age
18. 12 Angry Men
17. Schindler's List and then some
16. Planet of the Apes (2001)
15. Good Night, and Good Luck
14. Captain Corelli's Mandolin
13. Capote
12. La Regle du Jeu
11. Final Destination
10. La Dolce Vita ????? Stunningly beautiful, but the poor dubbing and disjointedness made it hard for me to appreciate (edit: not dubbed into English; poor synchronisation of the Italian dialogue).
9. Munich Not as bad as slated by the Newsnight Review panel (is anything, ever?) Impressive but flawed.
8. Unbreakable
7. Rabbit-proof Fence
6. Spiderman 2
5. Sylvia
4. Brokeback Mountain
3. King Kong
2. Enemy at the Gates
1. Chicago

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Default Re: Filmlists 2006

Digger's Film List 2006

At the cinema
31. - Stranger than Fiction Review here of this excellent film.
30. Pan's Labyrinth Review Brilliant as expected.
29. Casino Royale Review As expected.
28. the Prestige Very good, twist after twist after twist - and eye candy to boot!
27. the History Boys I liked it!
26. the Departed Very good, punchy twisty satisfyingly mobster film Leo and Damon not too annoying either!
25. Tideland Odd, most odd.
24. An Inconvenient Truth Wow, off to buy my energy efficient lightbulbs right now, and lobby my MP and get rid of my car and so on and so forth, oh if only I could make more of a difference.
23. Children of Men Has been probably 15 years since I greatly enjoyed the book, and so the film was a very separate entitiy for me, and a good one, bleak, curious, hopeful good film, Clive Owen was excellent.
22. Little Miss Sunshine Brilliant, I just loved this. Haven't laughed so much in a long time!
21. Volver Excellent Excellent, an amazing film about women, women's lives, loves, trials and tribulations and their strength.
20. A Scanner Darkly Hmmm, difficult to say. Good, and will probably grow on me, it's better than three stars really, but not quite four, oh the problems of ratings!
19. Cars Not as good as the other Pixars, but better than expected.
18. My Super Ex-girlfriend Why oh why did I go see this? Even the title sounds turdworthy, but, there's little on at the moment to grab me. Am awaiting A Scanner Darkly eagerly.
17. Pirates of the Carribean - Dead Man's Chest and a bit but not quite My enjoyment was probably dampened by the stifling heat in the cinema but it was a laugh. I didn't think it was as fun as the last though, or rather, it didn't do anything different from the last.
16. Thank you for Smoking Really liked this, unassuming, witty, cleverly scripted film with some old favourites in terms of casting.
15. X-Men 3: The Final Stand Ok, so in many ways this was as silly as the DVC, however, it was shorter, didn't take itself seriously, had pace and action and some 'getupandgo', made me laugh, andhad Hugh Jackman without a shirt in... grrr
14. The Duh Vinci Code Given that I was exhausted when I went to see this, and wanting something brainless to vegetate in front of, I got just that. The single star goes totally to Sir Ian MacCellan (sp?)!
14. Mission Impossible III Meh, high adrenaline totally improbable everything. Was sort of exciting, but nothing that made me go WOW!
13. The Three Burials of Melquedias Estrada 1/2 This film suffered by being just a little bit too long, but otherwise a good directorial debut from TL Jones
12. Inside Man Liked a lot, maybe even a really, slick, well filmed, great one liners, just enough of a twist a pace that kept moving but didn't spoon feed information! Did however think that the interview scenes were'nt really needed
11. The Proposition Despite not really being in the mood for the 'Austrialian western' which I knew was going to be a fairly rough ride I liked this, very gritty, very bloody, very hot. Very surreal Christmas Dinner finale!
10. Lucky Number Slevin Really liked this, slick film with the excellent Morgan Freeman and Sir Ben Kingsley as the bad guys, twist at the end not as huge as The Usual Suspects but ok, Lucy Liu good
9. Good Night, and Good Luck Very good, loved the black and white, loved the understated acting and the smoking just looked cool but I expected the paranoia of the era to be more palpable
8. Walk the Line Excellent. just as good the second time.
7. Memoirs of a Geisha liked this a lot but too smulchy at the end and too too long!
6. Brokeback Mountain
5. The Corpse Bride
4.Match Point
3. Where the Truth Lies
2. Narnia
1. The Producers


I watched at least three films on the planes to and from the States, but they can't have been that spectacular as I have no recollection of them at all!
34. School of Rock TV Brilliant, laughed and laughed, those kids were excellent
33. National Treasure DVD Pure feeling slightly down Sunday afternoon fluf, and absolutely what was needed!
32. The Bourne Supremacy DVD
31. Capote - Hmm, good very good, but I think I need to know more about the man to appreciate it properly.
30. CrashDVD Watched this with housemates at the weekend, it really is very good.
29. Spiderman II DVD Meh, nowt special!
28. A Bug's Life DVD
27. LoTR: Fellowship of the Ring DVD Great stuff!
26. Lord of War DVD - I liked this, it was not, perhaps, as moral messagy as I expected, which was actually good, and Nicholas Cage wasn't too much like himself!
25. Bad Taste Video Peter Jackson's first ever film, my my, I'm amazed that anyone saw this and thought they'd invest in Mr Jackson's talents - amusing but very very odd!
24. Jurassic Park III TV About right for the hungover and tired state of my mind on a Sunday afternoon, much better than the second one.
23. Evolution TV - Even sillier than Zorro but it made me laugh, plus it had eye-candy in the delectable shape of David Duchovney.
22. The Mask of Zorro TV Thoroughly silly but entertaining enough.
21. Millions DVD Lovely, funny, odd, well filmed from an 8 year old perspective, really liked it.
20. Riding Giants TV Wow
19. Shadowlands DVD a glorious film, I loved this at the cinema and again at home, cried hopelessly at the end.
18. Sahara DVD thoroughly silly and exactly what was needed on a rainy bank holiday afternoon
17. The Matrix II TV Slightly less fun
16. The Matrix TV Great fun
15. Serenity TV not bad actually, amusing late night vegetating
14. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider TV Why oh why did I sit through this again?!
13. The Princess Bride TV I LOVE this film!
12. A History of Violence DVD Better in hindsight than my initial reactions too it, felt it was too slowly paced but this actually fits the story.
11. Fifth Element Very ancient video I love this film!
10. Finding Nemo DVD Mine mine mine mine, whale talk, surfer dude turtles, Bruce the shark and oooo I love the bubbles! Tee hee hee,
9. Planet of the Apes (remake) TV I had seen this before but had somehow forgotten how dismal so much of it was. Goodish ape costumes though
8. Captain Corelli's Mandolin TV just as well it's been years since I read and loved the book
7. Sideways DVD extra good with a bottle of lovely Pinot Noir!
6. The Hudsucker Proxy DVD typical Coen Brother's excellence, slick stylistic cinematography, trademark dream sequence, surreal angel appearances and colourful hula-hoops.
5. Garden State DVD great stuff.
4.Madagascar DVD fun fun fun - loved the excitable lemurs.
3. Oh Brother, Where art Thou TV
2. Catch me if you can TV
1. ChicagoTV
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Default Re: Filmlists 2006

Hazel's film list 2006:

1: Oklaoma! (Maureen Lipman/Hugh Jackman stage version)
2: Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
3: Planet of the Apes (Tim Burton)
4: The Name of the Rose
5: The Corpse Bride
6: Ice Age 2: The Meltdown
7: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
8: The Common Thread
9: Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
10: Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
11: X-Men: The Last Stand
12: Top Gun (mostly for the sound track)
13: Legally Blonde
14: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
15: Memoirs of a Geisha
16: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
17: Walk the Line
18: U-Carmen eKhayelitsha ****
19: Moulin Rouge
20: The Draughtsman's Contract
21: Rent
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Default Re: Filmlists 2006

Col's Film List 2006

Cinema; TV; DVD/Video (bought or recorded); BB = Blockbusters; not including repeat viewings in a single year.

138. Bram Stoker's Dracula - DVD (1992) - ½.
137. Stormbreaker - DVD Entertaining enough, I guess; wish there was more Ewan McGregor though!
136. Sky High - DVD ½.
135. My Neighbour Totoro - DVD A most gentle and touching Miyazaki.
134. Pirates of the Caribbean - TV Being generous there: dull claptrap, pantomime adventure.And I can't bear Keira Knightley.
133. Freaky Friday - TV Fun in parts
132. Bedknobs and Broomsticks - TV Tedious
131. The Remains of the Day - TV ½. Not as good as I thought it would be. And not good at the end.
130. Ice Age 2: The Meltdown - DVD ½. Not bad at all. Couldn't bear the female mammoth; the rest was pretty amusing.
129. It's a Wonderful Life - DVD
128. Notting Hill - TV. ½.
127. Shadow of the Vampire - video.
126. I Capture the Castle - DVD
125. Fiddler on the Roof - DVD ½.
124. The Princess Bride - DVD ½. Love Mandy Patinkin, love the RUS's. Fantabulous!
123. Company of Wolves - DVD
122. Take the Lead - cinema ½. Bad-kids-make-good by ballroom dancing. The Antonio Banderas bits were okay.
121. The Avengers - video. It gets better in its corny-ness. It's that scene with Ralph putting on Uma's boots....!
120. Underworld - TV ½. Not as bad as I thought. But not good either!
119. The Nightmare Before Christmas - DVD
118. Jesus Christ Superstar (2000) - video
117. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? - video
116. City of God - BB - ¾
115. V for Vendetta - BB ½. A timely Mischief Night viewing of this - some good ideas (the fascism/anarchism stuff) but muddled and reduced by the rest. And a protagonist in a mask that doesn't move + disembodied voice does not work at all. Only Rupert Graves and Stephen Rea were good.
114. Dracula - (1979) video - ¾ A very good Dracula in Frank Langella (at least I understand my prepubertal swooning now ), and curiously updated to the Edwardian period, rehearsing Trevor Eve in his Shoestring role. Pretty good dialogue and some very scary bits near the beginning.
113. Wuthering Heights (1992) - DVD Fiennes is lovely but doesn't cut it as Heathcliff.
112. Titanic - DVD Look, I'm not going to carp: it made my nearly 15 yr old son cry...
111. The Saint - DVD Can't beat the corny stuff really.
110. The Guns of Navarone - TV -
109. Wuthering Heights (1970) - DVD Stunning.
108. Spirited Away - DVD
107. Children of Men - Cinema
106. Clerks - DVD
105. Brick - BB.
104. Inside Man - BB OK, so Christopher Plummer should have been about 90, and there was little clue to Clive Owen's motivation, but a cracking good Friday night heist movie.
103. A Room with a View - DVD
102. Meet Me in St. Louis - video. ½.
101. Far From Heaven - TV. Paint-by-numbers 'issue' film. Curiously cold and uninvolving.
100. La Belle et La Bete (Cocteau, 1946) - video. Some kind of review to follow...
99. LotR: Fellowship of the Ring - DVD
98. West Side Story - video. And my, George Chakiris was mighty fine! How Grease - set in the same period - ever beats this in Top Musicals lists is ridiculous.
97. The Towering Inferno - TV. A classic of its kind
96. Newsies - video ½. Surely not the first time this year? Purely for singing & dancing Bale-heads and those with kids.
95. My Fair Lady - video A powerful story at its heart and *some* fantastic songs.
94. Harry Potter & Philosopher's Stone - DVD
93. The Secret Garden - DVD
92. Planet of the Apes - video [1967] ½.
91. Little Women - video ½.
90. The Mask of Zorro - video.
89. Evita - video.
88. Much Ado About Nothing - DVD
87. Gangs of New York - DVD
86. Saving Private Ryan - DVD
85. Ice Age - video.
84. Finding Nemo - DVD
83. Batman Forever - TV Val Kilmer isn't as bad as they think in this.
82. Back to the Future - TV
81. The Machinist - BB Review here. Weird but very effective. Creepy, and you feel ill seeing lovely Christian Bale sooooo thin!
80. Rabbit-Proof Fence - BB ½.
79. The Goonies - BB. ½. A young Sean Astin and some genuinely funny bits but too shouty and American sassy kids for me. The two younger Cols enjoyed it though.
78. A Clockwork Orange - BB. review here
77. The Mummy Returns - video. ½. Not enough Brendan Fraser in this sequel.
76. Munich - BB.
75. Goldfinger - TV
74. Capote BB. ½. Philip Seymour Hoffman who dissolves into Truman Capote. Incredible.
73. Syriana - BB. V.v.v good indeed. Use of music and unbearable in those last moments with George Clooney and Alexander Siddig.
72. A Little Princess - video. Deviates from the book in some awful ways, but adds strengths in others. Too bouncy and American, I think.
71. The Proposition - BB. One of the films of the year. Ray Winstone, Emily Watson, Guy Pearce - all incredible.
70. A Canterbury Tale - video Mysterious, enigmatic and funny. And atmospheric. Amner is right that it plays on your memory.
69. Pleasantville - video. Always impressive. The scene where Tobey/Bud applies make-up to his mother's face is one of my top movie scenes ever - very moving.
68. Black Narcissus - video On John's recommendation. Brilliant in every respect.
67. Good Night and Good Luck - BB. . Shorter than I imagined but very good, and great acting all round.
66. Master & Commander - DVD Have I not watched this so far this year? Wonderful - Jack Aubrey/Russell Crowe; Killick; the beetle; the weevils; Blakeney and Padeen. And did I mention Russell Crowe as Jack Aubrey?
65. JFK - video. ½.
64. Calamity Jane - video. Whip-crackin' female-thinking jollities. And the wonderful Howard Keel. Why she fancied Lieu Gilmartin is beyond me.
63. My Own Private Idaho - DVD Surreal Henry IV-fest and stunning River Phoenix. Too ambiguous and sad at the end.
62. Bridget Jones' Diary - video. Feel-good, I guess, though I'm not a BJ fan really.
61. Dangerous Liaisons - TV. Guh! Nasty, bullying, 'evil', sadistic and utterly depressing- no wonder I have only seen this twice. Stunning performances by all, but honours to Malkovich.
60. The Silence of the Lambs - Video
59. Donnie Darko - DVD Good but I'm not sure why yet.
58. Mission Impossible 3 - Cinema Entirely plotless but a lot of bang for your buck - enough to jumpstart your heart without the defibrillator. Simon Pegg was great.
57. 21 Grams - BB ½. Great Benicio del Toro esp. but too fragmented and slow-moving.
56. The Insider - BB ½. Stunning stuff from Pacino and Crowe.
55. The Reckoning - BB. Paul Bettany as a bleach-blond murderous monk - it could only be this adaptation of Barry Unworth's Morality Play. Crap dialogue and dubbing but visually very well played.
54. The New World - BB. ½. Very ponderous but stunning. A meeting of cultures and minds, new worlds discovered within and without. All three leading actors were superb.
53. Brokeback Mountain - BB.
52. Ravenous - video. Sneaky old standby. Fun and gore all the way.
51. Ned Kelly - BB. Not half bad really for an evening's entertainment.
50. Elephant - BB. ½. Review here
49. The Pianist - BB. ½.
48. Wallace & Gromit and the Curse of the Were-Rabbit - DVD. ½. Fiennes made me recall I saw this over Easter again.
47. Strange Days - Video Discomforting film and messy at the end. I liked Angela Bassett's kick-ass security driver, and Fiennes was *more* than fine! Juliette Lewis played Juliette Lewis as usual.
46. A Bridge Too Far - TV. Still impressive; this time I didn't fall asleep.
45. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - DVD Corny, anachronistic, etc etc but visually striking good fun and Stuart Townsend is cute as Dorian Gray.
44. The Phantom of the Opera - BB. A couple of good tunes but tedious in parts. Minnie Driver was good.
43. Hotel Rwanda - BB Very good indeed.
42. The Brown Bunny - BB On Blixa's recommendation; weird but I liked it. Bud and the flowers; going round in a variety of circles, or reaching vanishing point on the blurred horizon. It makes sense in context.
41. Dr. Who (1996 TVM) - video - . I can't bring myself to hate it, when McGann does Doctorisms so well. I can't even hate 'the kiss', but I can hate everything else about it (ooh, apart from Eric Roberts correcting Grace's grammar)..
40. The Constant Gardener - BB. ½.
39. L.A. Confidential - video. ½.
38. Corpse Bride - DVD. A slender plot but superbly told and animated.
37. Deathwatch - DVD. WW1 trench-as-purgatory, imprisoned-German-as-Christ, company doomed to repeat their deaths until they get the idea of mercy. Sociopath Andy Serkis, clueless toff C.O., innocent Jamie Bell. Lots of acting rats and mud. Low-budget and poor gloom-ridden camera-work but otherwise very good. (You can tell I liked this!)
36. Black Hawk Down - video. Confusing mostly.
35. Capt. Horatio Hornblower - TV. . Sappy soppy (ie. not as good as M&C) but Gregory Peck was a bit of a dish.
34. Oliver Twist - TV (1948). . Sikes wasn't as scary and Oliver was wimpy, but e.t. else was superb and far better than Lionel Bart. Bullseye plays an Oscar-winning animal role.
33. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - DVD. Very good children's film and pretty accurate telling of the story.
32. Batman Returns - video ½. Very slow-moving and rather plotless and not enough Keaton.
31. The Merchant of Venice - BB. Jeremy Irons wonderful, and well-adapted version of this. A second viewing only improves.
30. Lost in Translation - BB ½. Very good, wonderful cinematography, atmosphere and acting.
29. A History of Violence - BB. ¾ Interesting and intense.
28. Mrs. Henderson Presents - BB. Very enjoyable film and graded on that mostly; Will Young might have been wooden but his songs were great.
27. Bugsy Malone - video. Great children's film still.
26. Kingdom of Heaven - BB. . Far better than we'd thought.
25. Wyatt Earp - video. ½. Fantastic turn by Dennis Quaid as Doc Holliday (as good as Val Kilmer's in Tombstone), and another good turn by Costner.
24. HP & the Goblet of Fire - ½.
23. The Shadow - video. . Hokey comic-bk. fun for kids but Alec Baldwin is rather good in it.
22. Cry Freedom - video. Okay, it is didactic sometimes, but a strong reminder of stuff that is still shockingly recent.
21. Darkman - video. ½. Better than it seems, but less than it should be. It references dozens of cultural/lit. sources and is itself the source of many ripped-off/hommaged sequences.
20. Howl's Moving Castle - DVD ½.
19. O Brother, Where Art Thou? DVD
18. The Crucible - video. Timely viewing.
17. Billy Elliott - video. Repeated viewings show how good this is, and the vileness that was the Thatcherite years.
16. Dirty Dancing - DVD ½.
15. Peter Pan - DVD (2005) Despite a terrible Pan, this still comes closest to the book and the adult leads are wonderful (more Olivia Williams *and* Lucius Malfoy!)
14. The Postman - DVD. A holiday Costner-fest *and* Olivia Williams.
13. Waterworld - DVD Fun and Costner's stripey trousers and great trimaran
12. Serenity - DVD ½. Wanted to give this more for bucking the stale sci-fi scene.
11. Labyrinth - DVD. . Fantastic family film.
10. Don't Look Now - video. *unfinished as yet...*
9. Velvet Goldmine - video. . First outing this year for a fave.
8. Manhunter - video. Clearly pre-Miami Vice jinks here. Chilling villain, superb Brian Cox as Lecktor but corny stuff and idiocy in the last few scenes.
7. Close My Eyes -Video. ½. Another long film-for-TV. Good acting but vague at the end.
6. Persuasion - Video. ½. Strictly a film-for-TV, but very handsome. Adore Simon Russell Beale's Charles Musgrove; only that last kiss spoils it.
5. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind - DVD. . Similar to Mononoke thematically but rich animation as usual.
4. Dancing at Lughnasa - Video. . I hate depressing Irish films, esp. ones with lots of sisters in them.
3. Rashomon - DVD. ½ More captivating than I thought.
2. Catch Me if You Can - TV.
1. Chicago - TV
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Default Re: Filmlists 2006

John Self's Film List 2006

26. Volver : See thread

25. The Break-Up Tolerable Jennifer Aniston/Vince Vaughn vehicle, refreshingly unromantic and unfeelgood.

24. The Italian Job (2003) (TV) Not so much a remake as an extrapolation from the original, and frankly no worse. What it lacks in British charm, it makes up for in slickness, shiny new Minis, a couple of sort-of-twists, and a mostly excellent cast (What is it that makes Mos Def so likeable? And Charlize Theron...? Oh hang on, I know that one).

23. Monty Python and the Holy Grail (DVD) (R) Still amusing, and in some ways fresher than Life of Brian, if not quite as consistent: the whimsy can be pretty overwhelming at times. Still love the ending though. I wonder how long cinema audiences sat there when it was released?

22. Over the Hedge Excellent holiday CGI cartoon with plenty of content for adults, including nice lines about the human follies of cat breeding ("My father had a wonderfully flat face. He was so beautiful, he could barely breathe") and general wastefulness ("This is an SUV. Humans drive around in them because they're gradually losing the ability to walk." "It's huge! How many people does it hold?" "Usually... one.")

21. Grizzly Man Very interesting but very overlong account of the life and death of Timothy Treadwell, who spent every summer for 13 years living among the bears in Alaska, until they ate him. Werner Herzog mixes footage shot by former actor Treadwell with interviews with his friends, and the inescapable conclusion is that he was in it for selfish, or at least self-aggrandising, reasons, and by familiarising the bears with humans, probably did them more harm than good (they were in a national reserve anyway and so protected from hunters). His father says his downhill spiral began when he came second in casting to Woody Harrelson for the part of the barman in Cheers...

20. Best in Show (R) (DVD) Third or fourth time round and still very funny, particularly the commentator at the Mayflower Dog Show ("...and it's terrible to think that in some countries, they eat these dogs"). It's no Spinal Tap, but still funnier than most fully scripted comedies. Can anyone recommend (or not) Guest's other two films in the same vein, Waiting for Guffman and A Mighty Wind?

19. Raising Arizona (DVD) Entertaining over-the-top romp with Nicolas Cage and Holly Hunter looking very young. Lots of good moments and a terrifically well sustained chase sequence in the middle - the dogs, the supermarket, the Huggies - but really just a bit of fluff in the end. Not the Coen brothers' finest hour and a half.

18. The Squid and the Whale See thread

17. Brief Encounter (DVD) Another unseen classic for me. Somewhat stilted by using a film-long voiceover, but nicely structured to hook you at the beginning and with Coward's witty dialogue nicely balancing the inherent tragedy of the piece.

16. Pierrepoint Excellent docudrama, made for TV but promoted to the big screen, starring Timothy Spall as Britain's most prolific hangman, Albert Pierrepoint. Spall brings a superb sobriety and humanity to the role, even as he despatches Nazi war criminals two at a time.

15. Supersize Me (freebie DVD with The Guardian) Interesting to at last see this famous attack on McDonalds by the likeable Morgan Spurlock. As someone who only ever eats fast food in airports, it's unlikely to change my eating habits, and like a McDonalds meal, almost no trace of it can be recalled shortly afterwards, but it seemed to make a lot of sense at the time, and was less annoying and manipulative than Michael Moore.

14. Tsotsi Uncompromising portrait of a baby-faced thug ("tsotsi") in Johannesburg, shot through with brilliant music and an unsentimental performance by the eponymous anti-hero, with his dead eyes and permanently downturned mouth. Brought up in an underclass most of us know nothing about, with little to hope for and nothing to do, Tsotsi does little to arouse our sympathy, yet by the end of the film we are passionately urging the best for him, quite possibly with tears streaming down our faces.

13. Talk to Her (DVD) Philip French called this the first great film of the 21st century, and as usual he was right. A sublime masterpiece on every level, topped by the moment when Benigno urges Marco to "talk to me," which never fails to open my floodgates. Just perfect, and for me Almodovar's finest.

12. Inside Man Spike Lee directs this beautifully shot and brilliantly scored heist movie starring Denzel Washington, Clive Owen, and one significant twist (the clue is in the title, though not how you might think). It's shot through with implausibilities like all intricately plotted movies, but the real downfall is the unresolved and dissatisfying ending, where both the viciously sadistic robbers and the old Nazi profiteer get away with it. Oh and Jodie Foster's character is both annoying and ridiculous.

11. Clue (DVD) An old favourite of mine. Extremely silly but clever farce based on the eponymous board game (known in the UK as Cluedo, of course), with Tim Curry in manic form. Extremely faithful to the game right down to the secret passages, but with the writing/directing kudos of Jonathan Yes Minister Lynn behind it. Original and brilliant: whichever of the three endings you choose!

10. Blithe Spirit (DVD) David Lean and Noel Coward limber up for Brief Encounter with this 1945 adaptation of Coward's stage play about the spirit of an ex-wife who just won't go away. Featherweight fun, containing a barmy performance by Margaret Rutherford. Won an Oscar for best special effects.

9. The 39 Steps (DVD) Highly convoluted Hitchromp from 1935, apparently only loosely based on Buchan's novel. Funnier than most of his films, but the ending seemed rather sudden - though that could have been because the film was 20 minutes shorter than the running time stated on the box... DVD transfer not of brilliant quality.

8. Good Night, and Good Luck See thread

7. Capote

6. Derailed Ludicrously convoluted, often downright unpleasant, but quite watchable thriller with Clive Owen and Jennifer Aniston both looking about 50 years old. My girlfriend guessed the main twist but I didn't. If Hitchcock had made a restrained version in the 50s it would probably be a classic. But he didn't and it ain't.

5. Walk the Line See thread

4. The Talented Mr Ripley (TV) I have a real soft spot for this film, despite its not being entirely faithful to Highsmith's novel. Or make that because: it's the spliced-in tragic ending that makes it, for me.

3. The Trouble with Harry (DVD) Slight, silly 1955 Hitchcom about what to do with a corpse. More diverting than Weekend at Bernie's anyway.

2. A Cock and Bull Story See thread

1. Brokeback Mountain See thread
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Default Re: Filmlists 2006

Miriam's Filmlist 2006

1. Lost in La Mancha
2. Match Point
3. Brokeback Mountain
4. Bright Young Things
5. Walk the Line
6. Layer Cake
7. I Heart Huckabees
8. Primary Colors
9. Read My Lips
10. Ray
11. The Aviator (zzzz - slept through the last hour)
12. Sweet and Lowdown
13. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
14. Elizabethtown
15. Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room
16. Serenity
17. Alexander
18. The Breakup
19. Pirates of the Carribean
20. The Wind that Shakes the Barley
21. Festival
22. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or maybe
23. Shopgirl
24. Volver
25. Little Miss Sunshine
26. The History Boys
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Default Re: Filmlists 2006

m.'s list

30. The Grudge - - Japanese horror
29. About a Boy (r) -
28. Queen Margot (r)- - my 5th viewing I think. Very grim
27. Volver - - yes, everybody's right about this film
26. Dirty Dancing (r)- - it's been some time since I saw it but I forgot to add to the list
25. La vie rêvée des anges (The Dreamlife of Angels) -
24. Master and Commander - - very good even though not quite my kind of thing.
23. Some Like It Hot (r) - - I didn't finish it on this occasion, but it's an old love.
24. No News from God - - generally okay although the idea not that original - the battle between Heaven and Hell for the soul of an ex-boxer. Very good Penelope Cruz though, who is one of my favourite actresses.
23. The Cider House Rules -
22. Baran - 1/2
21. Abre los ojos (Open Your Eyes, dir. Alejandro Amenabar) - 1/2 - so strange to see it after numerous viewings of Vanilla Sky. I suppose it would have made more impression if I hadn't known the American version so well. Some things are better here, some in Vanilla Sky.
20. Shaun of the Dead (r) - - ooh, those groans from outside, and then, I'm a racing car, passing by, like Lady Godiva... I love this film. Lots of favourite moments.
19. The Children of the Heaven - - Iranian. Simple tale but so moving.
18. Le placard (The Closet) - - French comedy about a guy who to avoid being sacked starts pretending he's gay (his company produces condoms and doesn't want to rise suspicion his orientation is the reason for firing). Maybe not in a laugh-out-loud way, but really funny. And Daniel Auteuil!
17. King Kong - - overlong and boring. I blame this film for my eating much more cheesecake than reasonable, out of boredom. More films like that and I will look like King Kong myself.
16. Kill Bill 1 (r) -
15. Les amants - - hm. Actually I didn't think it was such a good film. And i was so tired, I dozed off a couple of times. But I thought Jeanne Moreau was quite magnetic, that's why three stars and not less. A lot of Brahms.
14. Equilibrium - - failed to engage me. Anti-utopia; people are denied the right to feel emotions, because as the past proved, they lead to wars. The elite special forces remove anything that can provoke emotions (the scene of burning Mona Lisa). But the emotions seep in, of course - some music here, some puppy there... Still, Christian Bale and Sean Bean. I've got the impression that Bean isn't liked on the Palimp but I've got a soft spot for him since Jarman's Caravaggio. (On second thoughts took away a half-star - it was heavy-handed and I don't like Emily Watson...)
13. Bridget Jones (r) - - I used to compare it with the book and think Zellweger isn't quite my Bridget, but it's a great film in its own right
12. Gadjo dilo -
11. Memoirs of a Geisha - - I haven't read the book so I can't really complain, especially that it is nice, if nothing very special
10. Brokeback Mountain - or - not sure about the rating
9. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (re-make) - my bro's choice, viewed at his place (as was #7).
8. The Sea Inside -
7. Octane (aka Pulse) - - horror-thriller; very little sense but watches nicely, I actually quite liked it... Arghh, the last "surprise" seconds laughable... And some other things too, frankly, but as I said, something nice about this film - cast (has Madeline Stowe played in something good lately? I like her), music, atmosphere...
6. Nigdy w życiu! (I will never!) - 1/2 - Polish rom-com
5. Pride and Prejudice - 1/2
4. Chronicles of Narnia -
3. The Woodsman -
2. Elling -
1. Million Dollar Baby -

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Default Re: Filmlists 2006


102. Monster House -
101. Lady In the Water -
100. The Black Dahlia -
99. The Break-Up -
98. Little Miss Sunshine -
97. Talladega Nights - The Ballad of Ricky Bobby -
96. Casino Royale -
95. Thank You For Smoking -
94. Superman Returns -
93. Borat -
92. Lucky Number Slevin -
91. Ivkova slava -
90. Karaula -
89. Ôdishon -

88. Friends With Money -
87. V for Vendetta -
86. Pumpkinhead -
85. King Arthur -
84. Eat Drink Man Woman -
83. Mystery Men -
82. Elizabethtown -
(would have given it if it weren't for the dreadful and utterly talentless Orlando Bloom)
81. Prince of Darkness -
80. Pet Sematary -
79. Pirates of the Carribean - The Dead Man's Chest -
78. Chunking Express -
77. The Skeleton Key -
76. The Great Escape -
75. The 40-year-old Virgin -
74. Rushmore -
73. Whitnail & I -
72. The Chronicles of Riddick -
71. The New World -
70. Wilde -
69. X-Men (part I, whatever it's called) -
68. The DaVinci Code -
(that's what 1/3 of the film that I saw deserves)
67. Mission Impossible 3 -
66. The Matador -

65. Tristan + Isolde -
64. To Kill a Mockingbird -
(I'm sorry, but the book is just SO much better)
63. Lord of the Flies (1990) -
62. Domino -
61. Good Night and Good Luck -
60. Shinobi -

59. The Amityville Horror (2005) - (almost but not quite)
58. Casanova -
57. Deer Woman - John Landis (Masters of Horror)
56. Imprint - Takashi Miike (Masters of Horror)
55. Sick Girl - Lucky McKee (Masters of Horror)
54. Match Point -
53. The Italian Job (2003) -
52. The Italian Job (1969) -
51. Hable con ella -
50. Bourne Supremacy -
49. Bourne Identity -
48. Das Boot -
47. Derailed -
48. Secretary -
47. Ring of the Nibelungs -
46. Cigarette Burns - John Carpenter (Masters of Horror)
45. Jenifer - Dario Argento (Masters of Horror)
44. Dance of the Dead - Tobe Hooper (Masters of Horror)
43. Fair-Haired Child - William Malone (Masters of Horror)
42. Homecoming - Joe Dante (Masters of Horror)
41. Chocolate - Mick Garris (Masters of Horror)
40. Pick Me Up - Larry Cohen (Masters of Horror)
39. Dreams In the Witch-House - Stuart Gordon (Masters of Horror)
38. Incident On and Off a Mountain Road - Don Coscarelli (Masters of Horror*)
37. Freddy vs. Jason -
36. Ice Age 2 -
35. Flightplan -
34. Little Fish -
34. Serenity -
33. Capote -
32. The Constant Gardener -
31. Lord of War -
30. The Forgotten -
29. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen -
28. Aeon Flux -
27. The Hours -
26. Long Live Ned Devine -
25. Brokeback Mountain -
24. Captain Corelli's Mandolin -
23. I Am Sam -
22. Crash - don't want to jump to conclusions but could become ; must watch again.
21. Shaun of the Dead -
20. Walk the Line -
19. The Life and Death of Peter Sellers -
18. Hero -
17. Munich -
16. Wallace and Gromit in the Wrong Trousers -
15. 2046 -
14. The Corpse Bride -
13. Daredevil -
12. Ed Wood -
11. Beetlejuice -
10. Oldboy -
9. Memoirs of a Geisha -
8. Wolf Creek -
7. Green Street Hooligans -
6. American Psycho -
5. The Descent -
4. City of God -
3. Fun with Dick and Jane -
2. Venom -
1. King Kong -

List includes only films I've been watching for the first time.

*Masters of Horror ( is a series of 1-hour-long films. Still, they are short films rather than episodes; each is directed by a different filmmaker.

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