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Default Looper

"This time-travel stuff really fries your brain." Yes, but it provides excellent entertainment for a drizzly Sunday afternoon.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Joe, who is essentially a hired assassin, but in a very freaky, timey-wimey way, due to some inconvenient laws relating to time travel and the impossibility of corpse disposal. He witnesses his best friend's life unravel in a pretty unpleasant manner, and is unwilling to accept the same fate; leading to one or two awkward conversations with his older self, played by Bruce Willis.

The audience gets to see how things are unravelling, despite all of Joe's desperate efforts to stop them. To complicate matters, there's a Kaiser Sohze-like figure at the centre of the plot, whom his older self is bent on destroying. And by now I've probably said too much.

If you can get over the surprising casting (which I must say is pretty cleverly and convincingly solved) then you'll probably be able to suspend disbelief well enough to be taken along for what is a very enjoyable, if at times scary and disturbing, ride. I had a really great time watching Looper. And it was the first time I've been to the pictures in about six months, so I'm pretty grateful it wasn't a turkey.
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Default Re: Looper

I thought this was a blast. The most amazing thing was that after about a half hour, I genuinely didn't know where the story was going. Truly original and exhilarating.
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Default Re: Looper

Session 5 of trying to slog through this. I'm sure there must be a decent movie in here, but man alive, it's not doing it for me. Forty minutes to go, maybe on this watch I'll get to the end...
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Default Re: Looper

Did you make it, Amner? I thought it was a pile of bollocks .

Originally Posted by JunkMonkey's Film List of Last Year
I may be missing something here, or maybe I was expecting too much, but I thought this a pretty dull affair. The complexity I had been led to expect was just not that complex. I spent the whole movie thinking I had missed something obvious and I was going to have a - "Doh! Of Course! Why didn't I see that?" - hand-palm moment at the end but I didn't get one. Most 1950/60s SF short stories that deal with time travel are more convoluted. The whole move was based on a clunkily stupid premise anyway. Rather than have people timetravelled back to be shot by the hit men; why not shoot them as and when - then timetravel the bodies back to be disposed of? That way the guys in the future KNOW their victims are dead and don't have to spend their time constantly chasing down their own old hitmen and then throwing them into the past to be shot (or not) by their younger selves - with all the possible problems and uncertainties that follow. ('Because they wouldn't have a movie otherwise!' just doesn't cut it: the premise is just too stupid.) Why not timetravel the victims six feet under? Why not to a secure facility? Why to the middle of a cornfield where the murder has to take place in the open air where any passing local could see it? An open field, moreover, where there is always the possibility of the victim escaping. As the time travel machines also operate in space as well as time (the later version of the protagonist get thrown from France to America when he moves back into his own past) there's no given reason why the victims had to end up in the field - even if they did, for whatever unexplained reason have to materialise in that particular spot, did no one in this international, ruthless, time-travelling Mafia have the wit to buy this field and build a shed over the spot where the victims arrived? With a cage in it? And a motion detector strapped to a shotgun? Something a bit more foolproof than hoping the hitman arrives and does the job he's supposed to? What if the shooter gets a puncture on the way, or his alarm clock doesn't go off? Stupid premise. Stupid movie.
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