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ono no komachi
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Default Life of Pi

Originally Posted by ono no komachi View Post
Went to see the movie a few days ago. Great performances from Suraj Sharma as Piscine Patel and Irrfan Khan as the older Pi (on a slightly partisan note, that man has eyes a girl could drown in. Ahem, as you were.)

I thought the realisation of Richard Parker was really impressive. Now that I think back on it, I'm recalling how visually striking an experience it was, but at the time, I was more occupied with the narrative than the visuals, which I guess is as it should be.

Really enjoyed it.
So, people are liking the movie, then? Nou and BiNS, I'm looking at you!
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Default Re: Life of Pi

Rather than try to review - I'm failing in that regard pretty hard these days - let's start a dialogue. I did like it, although the opening animalogue title sequence made me wonder if I'd slipped into a Family Disney live-action by mistake... after that though, I was well entertained. The ocean crisis was genuinely thrilling, far more so than Titanic's stately descent, and some of Richard Parker's lunges returned my testicles to their pre-pubic cavity at comparative speed, although there were numerous moments in which the CGishness of him (and other features of the world) caught my eye. However, it was beautiful from start to finish and (along with the adult Pi) that eye certainly had a tear brought to it 2/3rds of the way through.

The actors in the split lead were both good. I've liked Irrfan Khan for a while now; I ate up In Treatment (the US version) and he was the peerless highlight of the final season. Suraj Sharma was good as the young Pi, acting alone for so long can't be easy and I thought he pulled it off, and the other characters in the Indian section were all fine. I felt a little sympathetic for Rafe Spall because his role was pretty weak even in the book; he's basically just a smiling face there to tease out a story.

But, yes, I liked it a lot, and it prompted some discussion about that climactic polarity: mythic or mundane, which story was "true", which do you prefer, etc. However, I don't recall how I rated the novel and I think that might have an impact on how I viewed the film. My response when asked (which has happened more often recently for some reason...) hasn't been much more than "yeah, it was alright", so it certainly doesn't inhabit a glowing memory; I suspect at the time I thought it wasn't really worth all the hoo-hah that accompanied it, even though it was good.

Contrast that with the movie - I was willing to be swept away, and I was. I didn't see it in 3D, although that was an option. I did consider it following Mark Kermode's support in this case; to date Prometheus is my only experience of nu-3D and I'm not particularly bothered about expanding on it (eye-juddering pan shots in cinemas are enough for me, I don't need apparent depth of field with them).

Summary: a beautiful movie, sentimental in the right way. Overall, I've no regrets.

EDIT: Odd, but now I go looking it seems I never included Life of Pi on any of my reading lists. I know I did read it... I'm sure...

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Default Re: Life of Pi

... It was visually stunning in 3D, I have to say, having always thought of 3D as a bit pointless.
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