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Default Re: Book 38: THE POWER AND THE GLORY by Graham Greene

Originally Posted by Michael
I'm not entirely sure what people mean by "pious" on this thread - as far as I can gather, it seems to mean "simple" or more often "stupid"
Not at all...

I just re-read most of this thread, drawn to it by reading through Book number 1 from 2003 - Brighton Rock. What an excellent discussion in both cases.

Below are some definitions of pious. Number 4 is closest to what I meant by the word and I am pretty sure that is what Greene meant also. 2a is pretty close.

piĀ·ous (ps)adj.
1. Having or exhibiting religious reverence; earnestly compliant in the observance of religion; devout.
2. a. Marked by conspicuous devoutness: a pious and holy observation.
b. Marked by false devoutness; solemnly hypocritical: a pious fraud.
3. Devotional: pious readings.
4. Professing or exhibiting a strict, traditional sense of virtue and morality; high-minded.
5. Commendable; worthy: a pious effort.
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