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Default Wavid's Top 10 books

Wavid's Top Ten Books

In no particular order:

* The Rotters Club - Jonathan Coe

A sheer delight. Very funny, very touching, and sincere without being worthy. The book I have loaned out more than any other.

* Keep the Asphidistra Flying - George Orwell

This has always been my favourite Orwell, though I haven't the faintest clue why. I can't even remember a great deal about it, other than that i think the central character is called Gordon. it made a real impression on me as a callow youth, and I have been scared to re-read it since. For some reason, though, it remains one of my favourite books.

* Decline and Fall - Evelyn Waugh

Most amusing and biting, too. The first book I read where laughing nastily at people was allowed. A liberation.

* L.A. Confidential - James Ellroy

The book that made me realise that crime fiction could be cool, and worthwhile. A stunning read, dense and claustrophobic, yet gripping. The work of a great crime author at the peak of his powers.

* The War Against Cliche - Martin Amis

Is non fiction allowed? The book I get from the shelf more than any other. AnytimeI buy a book, I always check this first. The number of essays in here that I have read countless times is, well, countless.

* Nineteen Eighty-Four - David Peace

The conclusion of a very nasty quartet of books. A tantilising number of ends are tied - but just enough are left loose to leave you feeling, as Graham Parsnip might put it, the very opposite of sated.

* Berlin Noir - Philip Kerr

Very well written slick detective fiction. There's nothing especially innovative at work in the three novels contained in this book, but for sheer enjoyment I find this hard to beat.

* A Confederacy of Dunces - John Kennedy Toole

Simply the funniest book I have ever read. I want the world to read this book. Twice.

* The Big Sleep - Raymond Chandler

Actually, this could be any of the six novels that I've read by Chandler. You read these stories with a great big grin on your face.

* Jesse Jameson and the Curse of Caldazar - Sean Wright

Only joking.
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