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Default Re: Suggestions

Possibly the wrong forum, but hey, I won't be the first or last. Bill, There Will Be Blood - I went into my local indie CD shop (just opened) to ask if they had the soundtrack of the above movie. I recall an interesting discussion on the film thread re the music (and I've been listening recently to Arvo). It was one of those situations where, had it been on the shelf, I would have bought it; it wasn't and I didn't order it, despite the very duuuudish assistant offering to do so, (every sentence ended in ',man'). Any thoughts from anyone who has bought the soundtrack ?

For the record ! from The Indie: Brick by Brick - Iggy Pop (upgrade from casette, unbelievably to most); The Cook, The Thief ... Michael Nyman. As much as I love Handel's Concerti Grossi, it's just not the soundtrack of a truly magnificent film. Did notice The Belly of an Architect soundtrack, one of my fav movies but can't remember a thing about the music. I'll buy it, next visit. No Doubt.
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Default Re: Suggestions

Originally Posted by Quink View Post
...No Doubt.
Which album?

I'm sorry, I'll get me coat.
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