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worries mother
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Default Re: Palimplists 2010

1. War and Peace, Tolstoy
2. I Am Charlotte Simmons, Tom Wolfe (abandoned)
3. Bullet Park, John Cheever
4. Little Hands Clapping, Dan Rhodes
5. Portnoy's Complaint, Philip Roth
6. Play It As It Lays, Joan Didion
7. Solar, Ian McEwan 1/2
8. Dirt Music, Tim Winton
9. Opening Up, Michael Atherton
10. The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet, David Mitchell 1/2
11. Ordinary Thunderstorms, William Boyd
12. Butterfield 8, John O'Hara
13. Less Than Zero, Brett Easton Ellis
14. The Steep Approach to Garbadale, Iain Banks

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Default Surjection's Palimplist

7. The Snow - Adam Roberts
6. House of Leaves - Mark Z. Danielewski
5. Under the Dome - Stephen King
4. Quicksilver - Neal Stephenson
3. Kethani - Eric Brown
2. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader - C.S Lewis
1. Ordinary Thunderstorms - William Boyd

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Default Re: Palimplists 2010

01. The Sun Also Rises - Ernest Hemingway
02. The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency - Alexander McCall Smith
03. Family Album - Penelope Lively
04. The Brooklyn Follies

Reading: In Cold Blood - Truman Capote

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Default Re: Palimplists 2010

I think I'll start my list again this year.


Iain Banks - Transition - review here
Vernor Vinge - A Deepness in the Sky - - see review
C S Forester - The Captain from Connecticut - - Somehow, I have missed reading this all those years when I adored C S Forester. Not his best, but very satisfying, as usual.
Stieg Larsen - The Girl who Kicked the Hornets' Nest - - review here
Neal Stephenson - Anathem - - review here
Sue Grafton - T is for Trespass - - An excellent member of the Alphabet series of Kinsey Millhone mysteries, with a very hateable villain and some contemporary social concerns.


Sebastian Faulks - Devil May Care - - review here
The Price of Salt (aka Carol) - Patricia Highsmith - - Excellent little story. Told with Highsmith's great verve, but with some tenderness, about a girl obsessed with an older woman.
Robert Harris - Lustrum - - Excellent evocation of Roman politics. Engrossing story.
Håkan Nesser - The Mind's Eye - - Very good detective story, beats Stieg Larsson into a cocked hat.
Adam Hall - Quiller KGB and
Quiller Barracuda and
Quiller Bamboo - - Easy reading for me - I re-read the Quiller books from end to end every few years. It's spy fiction and rather formulaic, but I enjoy them. You can get some idea of my enthusiasm from this thread.
and Quiller Solitaire - don't think I'm finished with them yet.

Oops - forgot I was doing this. I'll try to piece together the missing months.


Robert Harris - Imperium

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Default Re: Palimplists 2010

21. Freedom - Jonathan Franzen Abandoned
20. Room - Emma Donoghue (Yes, really.)
19. Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit - Jeanette Winterson
18. Sea of Tears - Floella Benjamin (read for work purposes)
17. C - Tom McCarthy (I think) I really don't know what to make of this at all.
16. Grace Williams Says It Loud - Emma Henderson
15. A Life Apart - Neel Mukherjee Some excellent writing but it was like three or four novels crammed into one. Clumsily structured, a central character I couldn't care for and some really distasteful scenes. In most ways a very typical first novel - it'll be interesting to see what he writes next.
14. Landed - Tim Pears It would have been 3 starts except for the last few chapters and the final revelation.
13. Repeat It Today With Tears - Anne Peile Wonderful!
12. The Bishop's Man - Linden MacIntyre
11. Deloume Road - Matthew Hooton 1/2 I really enjoyed this - I thought it's evocation of childhood was delightful and I liked the structure, but too many neat (and happy) conclusions to the various plot strands diminished the overall impact of the book.
10. The Memory of Love - Aminatta Forna
9. The Widow's Tale - Mick Jackson Distinctive narrative voice, some great observations, unexpectedly comic - loved it.
8. Salvage - Robert Edric 1/2 Disappointing. His environmental predictions seem frighteningly believable, but his 100-year-hence future of laptops, mobile phones and print newspapers was jarringly dated. Unrealistic dialogue and stock characters. I like Edric's novels but this was more on a par with Kingdom of Ashes than Peacetime.
7. Corrag - Susan Fletcher Probably 50 pages or more too long but hugely enjoyable nonetheless.
6. Into Suez - Stevie Davies Couldn't help comparing this to Sadie Jones' Small Wars and finding this vastly superior.
5. The Wilding - Maria McCann A proper unputdownable romp - I'll be looking out for a copy of her first novel.
4. The Long Song - Andrea Levy 1/2 Parts of it worked very well, others less so. Not as good as Small Island. Couldn't help thinking I'd read other better novels about the same subject.
3. Dead Man's Cove - Lauren St John (read for work purposes)
2. Even the Dogs - Jon McGregor Loved his first two, loved this one too even though the subject might have put me off if I hadn't already been familiar with his writing.
1. A Gate at the Stairs - Lorrie Moore The first two thirds were brilliant and I was really wrapped up in that story, but then it was suddenly dropped in favour of something much less interesting in the last part of the book.

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Default Re: Palimplists 2010

01. El hombre que miraba pasar los trenes - Georges Simenon
02. Being Dead - Jim Crace
03. Las ciudades invisibles - Italo Calvino
04. Mara and Dann - Doris Lessing 1/2
05. For Esmé with Love and Squalor and other stories - J. D. Salinger
06. American Pastoral - Philip Roth 1/2
07. Talkative Man - R. K. Narayan
08. El hacedor - Jorge Luis Borges
09. The New York Trilogy - Paul Auster
10. The Shadow of Sirius - W. S. Merwin
11. Los que aman, odian - Silvina Ocampo & Adolfo Bioy Casares
12. The Warden - Anthony Trollope
13. Madera de héroe - Miguel Delibes 1/2
14. Black Girl/White Girl - Joyce Carol Oates 1/2
15. Cuentos, 1 - E.T.A. Hoffmann
16. Housekeeping - Marilynne Robinson
17. Ca*n - José Saramago
18. On Chesil Beach - Ian McEwan 1/2 (great ending)
19. Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card
20. No Longer at Ease - Chinua Achebe
21. La muerte de Artemio Cruz - Carlos Fuentes
22. Sons and Lovers - D. H. Lawrence
23. Relato de un náufrago - Gabriel Garc*a Márquez
24. The Colour of Blood - Brian Moore
25. Burning Elvis - John Burnside
26. The Road - Cormac McCarthy 1/2
27. Baudolino - Umberto Eco
28. The Next Big Thing - Anita Brookner 1/2
29. The Twin - Gerbrand Bakker (unforgettable debut novel)
30. This Earth of Mankind - Pramoedya Ananta Toer
31. El d*a de las ratas - Dyonelio Machado
32. The Beggar Maid - Alice Munro
33. The Children's Book - A. S. Byatt 1/2
34. La música de una vida - Andreï Makine
35. Links - Nuruddin Farah
36. Selected Poems - Thomas Gray
37. The Werewolf Pack - Mark Valentine (ed)
38. La t*a Julia y el escribidor - Mario Vargas Llosa
39. Narrative of A. Gordon Pym - Edgar Allan Poe
40. Tu rostro mañana 1. Fiebre y lanza - Javier Mar*as
41. Towards Another Summer - Janet Frame 1/2
42. El monstruo - Ismail Kadare
43. An Equal Music - Vikram Seth
44. 2001 A Space Odyssey - Arthur C. Clarke 1/2
45. Reencuentro - Fred Uhlman 1/2
Currently Reading: Cat's Eye - Margaret Atwood

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Default Re: Palimplists 2010

2010, such as it is:

Martin Amis – Money
John Irving – The Cider House Rules
JM Coetzee – Disgrace
Eric Ambler – Uncommon Danger
Jose Saramago – Blindness
Tobias Wolff – Old School
Hugo Wilcken – Colony
Philip Roth – The Human Stain
LJ Davis - A Meaningful Life
Hans Fallada - Alone In Berlin
Graham Greene - Our Man In Havana my first Greene
Raymond Chandler - The Big Sleep
John Williams - Stoner
Charles Portis - The Dog Of The South
Cormac McCarthy - Child Of God
David Mitchell - Ghostwritten
Glenway Wescott - The Pilgrim Hawk
Elizabeth Hardwick - Sleepness Nights
Philip Roth - Everyman
Tom Wolfe - The Bonfire Of The Vanities
Brian Moore - The Statement
J. Robert Lennon - Mailman Fans of Ignatius J. Reilly, look in
Gerard Woodward - I'll Go To Bed At Noon
Howard Jacobson - No More Mr Nice Guy
Richard Yates - Revolutionary Road
Evelyn Waugh - Vile Bodies Oh, dear. Abandoned halfway. Will revisit soon.
Don Carpenter - Hard Rain Falling
Martin Amis - London Fields
JM Coetzee - Life And Times Of Michael K.
Haldor Laxness - Independent People

There are a few non-fiction books I've got through this year too but I'll leave them off. They were mostly about cricket, that new one about North Korea and the stinkingly corrupt African oil industry.

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Default Re: Palimplists 2010

Hello Palimpsest! This forum seems right up my alley! I will attempt to not say anything stupid. For a few posts anyway.
  1. Collected Stories of Franz Kafka (Everyman's Library) - Franz Kafa
  2. Middlesex - Jeffrey Eugenides Sadly underwhelming.
  3. Falconer - John Cheever
  4. Boneshaker - Cherie Priest
  5. Stories of Anton Chekov - Anton Chekov "The House With the Mezzanine" claims a rare honor of making me cry like a small child.
  6. The White Tiger - Aravind Adiga Felt pandered to.
  7. Pale Fire - Vladmir Nabokov First Nabokov, think about it constantly!
  8. Olive Kitteride - Elizabeth Strout Maybe I'll understand when I'm older?
  9. The Iliad - Homer I want an epithet!
  10. A Fraction of the Whole - Steve Toltz
  11. Memoirs of Hadrian - Marguerite Yourcenar Spectacular, criminally underrated.
  12. The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet - David Mitchell
  13. Animal Farm - George Orwell Still holds up.
  14. The Yiddish Policeman's Union - Michael Chabon
  15. The Quickening Maze - Adam Foulds
  16. The Children's Hospital - Chris Adrian
  17. The Raw Shark Texts - Steven Hall
  18. Freedom - Jonathan Franzen
  19. Light Boxes - Shane Jones Awful plot twist at the end. Sigh.
  20. Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea - Barbara Demick
  21. Coraline - Neil Gaiman Surprised by the movie; book is just as good.
  22. One Hundred Years of Solitude - Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Wanted to get to 25 this year, but alas, there's never enough time.
volcano vaporizers

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Default Re: Palimplists 2010

  1. Nostromo by Joseph Conrad. Treasure, revolution, thwarted love, madness and incomparable structural manipulation by the Old Man of the Seas. ****
  2. If On A Winter's Night A Traveller by Italo Calvino. Over-rated book about books that tries to hard to be clever and succeeds only in irritating. *
  3. Wicked Beyond Belief by Michael Bilton. The hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper. Grim but compelling, slightly marred by the author's clumsy style. **
  4. The Climb Up To Hell by Jack Olsen. Account of a disasterous attempt on the Eiger's North face. The first half is riveting, the second less so. **
  5. The End Of Iraq by Peter Galbraith. Dissection of Why It Went Wrong. Overstays its welcome, slightly, but contains a lot of important information. **
  6. Henry VI, Part One by William Shakespeare. One of Will's least liked and least played works. Much of it may be the work of collaborators. No star
  7. Henry VI, Part Two by William Shakespeare. Enthralling account of the War of the Roses. Diffuse, just lacks the impact of the best tragedies. ***
  8. The Alienist by Caleb Carr. Maladroit 19th century psychological murder mystery. Pretentious, witless, and incompetently executed. No star
  9. Henry VI, Part Three by William Shakespeare. The climax of the War of the Roses. Not as good as part Two, but still remarkable. **
  10. Three Who Made a Revolutionby Bertram D. Wolfe. Big, painstaking triple biography of Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin up to 1914. ****
  11. Shakespeare by Bill Bryson. Witty, but too short to give an idea of his accomplishment to newcomers, or deliver new insights. *
  12. The Penguin History of New Zealand by Michael King. Popular history of God's Own Country. Wide in scope but shallow in analysis. **
  13. A Philosophical Investigation by Philip Kerr. Poorly executed murder mystery in dystopian London. No star
  14. Real World by Natsuo Kirino. Murder disrupts the solipsistic lives of Japanese teenagers. Starts well but seems to lose its way towards the end. *
  15. Black Rain by Masuji Ibuse. The bombing of Hiroshima and the ending of an entire way of comprehending the world. Long and slow, but potent. **
  16. A Faint Cold Fear by Karin Slaughter. Witlessly plotted multi-murder mystery, and nasty to boot.
  17. Give the boys a Great Big Hand, by Ed McBain. Fine dialogue & characters. Plot an afterthought to hanging with the boys on the 87th precinct. *
  18. Cypress Grove by James Sallis. Murder mystery that strives to be big on atmosphere and setting and character, but is fatally short on plot. No Star
  19. If This is a Man by Primo Levi. Levi's account of his time in Auschwitz. ****
  20. The President We Deserve by Martin Walker. Bill Clinton's early life, political rise in Arkansas and his first term. Little insight, but adequate. No star
  21. Infinite Loop by Michael Malone. The story of Apple Computers. Gargantuan ego, genius, madness, venality, incompetence and decadence. Astonishing. ****
  22. 1977 by David Peace. Murderous, nasty peek at the underbelly of Yorkshire. The squalor and violence is justified, but the plot untimately becomes incoherent. *
  23. Mr Pip by Lloyd Jones. Revisiting Jones's novella disappoints - the narrator's voice sounds contrived and even its brief length seems stretched.No star
  24. The Black Dahlia by James Ellroy. Partly successful crime drama based around real life case. Contrived and lacking the breakneck fury of his later work. No star
  25. The Shout and other stories by Robert Graves. Enjoyable, diverse collection. Perhaps too consistently whimsical. **
  26. My Life by Elia Kazan. Jaw droppingly massive and frank autobiography of the film & theatre director, womanizer and HCUAA testifier. ****
Stars ratings are based the system used by the film reviewer Leslie Halliwell, who was notorious for not really liking films very much.

**** - Something of great significance, a pinnacle of achievement.
*** - A remarkable accomplishment, but lacking the originality or genius spark of four star work.
** - A good effort that will reward investigation.
* - Something lifts this a little bit above the run of common things, though it is generally undistingushed.
No star - a routine affair that might be adequate entertainment, but can certainly be passed by.

The turd () will be handed out as occasion requires, to indicate a piece of work so dreadful in so many ways as to be worthless except as toilet paper.
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Cool Booklist 2010

- Cool Hand Luke ~ Donn Pearce - a great read even though I've seen the film more than a dozen times.
- The Dawn Patrol ~ Don Winslow
- A Loyal Character Dancer ~ Qiu Xiaolong - bit of a let down after enjoying the first book in the series 'Death of a Red Heroine'.
- Destination: Morgue! ~ James Ellroy - his staccato writing style is beginning to annoy me.
- Naoko ~ Keigo Higashino
- The Adventure of English ~ Melvyn Bragg
- The Meaning of Everything ~ Simon Winchester - very interesting
- The Killer Inside Me ~ Jim Thompson - a bit frustrating
- Mildred Pierce ~ James M. Cain
- American Gothic: Family ~ W.T. Quick - old TV tie-in that sat on my bookshelf unread for over 10 years!
- The Way Home ~ George Pelecanos
- Salt River ~ James Sallis - my favourite book of 2010, a shame he limited the series to only a trilogy.
- Hit and Run ~ Lawrence Block
- Misery ~ Stephen King - finally read it, almost 20 years after I lost my last copy when I was less than 100 pages in!
- Dexter by Design ~ Jeff Lindsay
- Demolition Angel ~ Robert Crais
- Cadillac Beach ~ Tim Dorsey - possibly the funniest of the series so far.
- Fantasyland ~ Sam Walker - an interesting look at fantasy baseball leagues.
- -- - - 1st to Die ~ James Patterson - a stinker
- The Last Good Kiss ~ James Crumley
- The Wrong Case ~ James Crumley
- Dancing Bear ~ James Crumley
- The Night Gardener ~ George Pelecanos
- When Red Is Black ~ Qiu Xiaolong - after the slight disappointment of 'A Loyal Character Dancer', I enjoyed this one as much as the first book in the series.
- Drama City ~ George Pelecanos
- Fear Itself ~ Walter Mosley
- Coward's Kiss ~ Lawrence Block
- Grifter's Game ~ Lawrence Block
- You Could Call it Murder ~ Lawrence Block
- The Girl with the Long Green Heart ~ Lawrence Block
Reading: The Burgess Boys ~ Elizabeth STROUT
Books: 2018 2017 Films: 2018 2017

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