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Default New Order - Waiting For The Sirens Call

The review I thought I'd never write.

Let me put this in context. Since that night John Peel played the first JD session along with A Certain Ratio and OMD I bought and watched Factory. Until they released Kevin Hewick and The Poor and Red Turns To.. Then I got choosy.

My relationship with all matters Joy Division / New Order is a loyal one but it wasn't until 2002 that I heard New Order cover the old stuff; and appeared to have some vocal strength.

What I love about New Order now is that they're like a comfy pair of slippers. Each new album has been increasingly like the previous. That feeling of warmth of the ol' familiar slightly changed.

But 'Waiting For The Sirens Call' (bought on instinct). There isn't a new harmony, bass line, break, puntuation, lyric lift, solo, rythmn that hasn't been heard before. This is not a new album; it's just re-gurgetation. Of the cynical kind. They at least span some 20 years of styles but it seems they're stuck in the Brotherhood /Technique period.

I'd have loved to review this track by track but it isn't worth it. It is now slippers wearing thin.

Possibly my most disappointing purchase of the decade. I suggest others listen first and don't do the head-first rush that I did.
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