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Default chain sentences

Last Sunday on puzzlemaster Will Shortz's podcast, he announced the winner of his two-week "chain sentences" challenge. The rules of this game were to make a sentence (that makes sense) where the first two letters of each word are the last two letters of the previous word. For example (an honorary mention):

"Team America can annihilate terrorism." (ugh)

But the winner, I think, is quite remarkable.

"Selma made delectable lemonade, despite terrible lemons."

I'm finding these devestatingly hard to write, so I thought I'd see if any of you can do better.
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Default Re: chain sentences

Write ten entries, especially lyrical allusions.
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Default Re: chain sentences

Lovely stuff, monochrome, and I'll give it some thought later when I get a chance. Just wanted to say your mentioning Will Shortz reminds me of a wonderful little documentary I saw flying out to the States recently, called Wordplay and featuring rather a lot of the very charming and thoroughly engaging Mr Shortz. The film is all about the mania many folk have on your side of the pond for The New York Times crossword, and the zeal and skill of the crossword setters and solvers. One of those oddball little gems that just tickles and delights. If you get a chance to see it on your travels - or anywhere else for that matter - please do.
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Default Re: chain sentences

"Expect Cthulhu?!"
Humbled Edwin - introspective, venal, alco-popped Edwin - interjected.
Energetically, Lyle [lectrice], ceased.
"Edmundsen! Enlarge, generous usurper! Erudition!"
O no, not 'otherworldy' Lyle.
Vexed, Edwin, indeterminate tension onside, departed.
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Default Re: chain sentences

Chronic iconoclast Steven entered edifices.
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Default Re: chain sentences

What atrocious uses, especially lyrical, almost strengthen English?

Apologies, "especially lyrical" already dy... d... was done. Bugger.
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