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Default Re: Fake Definitions & Puns

Apparently there's a case study reported in Journal of Medical Psychiatry about a patient who had the delusion he was a TV game show host. He was very convincing. He managed to fool a lot of people in the BBC and had actually hosted several episodes of the new series of Celebrity Squares before he was found out. He was diagnosed as having Bob Monkhousen's syndrome...

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Default Re: Fake Definitions & Puns

Here's most of this week's Uxbridge English Dictionary from I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue:

Profiteering – Controversial item of jewellery in the shape of Mohammad
Loiter – Device used by smokers in the West Country
Disarray – To give directions in China
Endorse – Loser in the Grand National
Offset – The regulatory inspector for badgers
Statuette – What was that you had for dinner?
Gondolier – Something you can catch from a boatman
Pickanninny – The FA process for choosing a national manager
Onomatopoeia – The first sign of a weak bladder
Ditto – The Marx brother fired for being too samey
Looming – Valuable antique Chinese lavatory
Placebo – The Marx brother fired because people only thought he was funny
Splinter – Japanese runner
Urchin – Correct place to punch hazel blears
Foxglove – Basil Brush
Corsage – Blimey, it’s a copper!
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