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Default let's leave amazon

I open this thread for discussion with some trepidation. Every time that I log on to Palimpsest I get an Amazon promo in the upper right corner -- I would like to suggest that it be eliminated. I think Amazon represents business practices that most of the visitors to this site would overwhelmingly reject -- and we should not be supporting them.

I am one of those who finds Amazon's business practices to be absolutely revolting. The latest, affecting those of us in North America, is to drive Kindle purchases by buying NA rights for ebooks and then forcing suppliers, like the Book Depository, to deny us access to the physical book. This is Amazon's notion of "promoting" reading.

Yes, I do use the company (I buy petrol from BP as well), but only as a supplier of last resort. To me they represent everything that can go wrong in the new electronic world -- their system is so good (and it is, I freely admit) that they use it to inject harmful business practices. Rather than supporting that abuse, I'd like to be on the side of forcing them to behave properly.

I accept that other buyers will not agree with me. And I certainly understand the value that those who have bought Kindles find in the device. However, in the interests of fairness on the Palimpsest site, I would very much like not to be greeted with an Amazon promo everytime I sign on (yes, my bias is one that would very much welcome a Book Depository one, but that is, indeed, a bias).

Then again, maybe I should just ignore it.
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