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Default 2011 Filmlists

?? The Cincinnati Kid
There's been a four-month gap here, I've no idea what I watched...
53 LotR: The Fellowship of the Ring
52 Pantaleon y Las Visitadoras
51 Sophie's Choice
50 Captain America
49 The Rocketeer
48 Beneath the Planet of the Apes
47 Klute
46 Planet of the Apes
45 Paul
44 Buckaroo Banzai
43 Jesus Camp
42 The French Connection
41 Life of Brian
40 Kick-Ass
39 The Princess of Montpensier
38 The Mechanic ½
37 From Hell
36 The Hitcher (1986)
35 10 Rillington Place
34 Single White Female
33 Breach
32 The Apartment
31 Wilde
30 Blood Diamond ½
29 Two Mules for Sister Sara
28 The Eiger Sanction (Interrupted)
27 Play Misty for Me ½
26 In the Line of Fire
25 Heartbreak Ridge
24 The Quiet American ½
23 Swimming with Sharks
22 Match Point ½
21 M
20 Inside Job
19 The Adjustment Bureau ½
18 Broadcast News ½
17 The Dead Zone
16 Black Swan
15 My Fair Lady ½
14 When Harry met Sally...
13 True Grit (Coens)
12 Sita Sings the Blues
11 Midnight Cowboy
10 The Golden Child
09 The King's Speech
08 Splice
07 Monsters
06 The Conformist
05 Me and Orson Welles
04 Inception ½
03 A Serious Man
02 The Room
01 The Blues Brothers

2010 List | 2009 List | 2008 List | 2007 List

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Default Re: 2011 Filmlists

1. The King's Speech
2. Millers Crossing
3. Close My Eyes
4. Cider House Rules
5. Harry Brown
6. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
7. Moulin Rouge
8. St Elmo's Fire (not as good 25 years on)
9. Mr Mom (still good 28 years on)
10. A Beautiful Mind (still annoyed at how much was just simply made up, pulled out of nowhere, in a film based on a bigraphy!)
11. Jane Eyre
12. Love Actually
13. Road to Perdition
14. Submarine
2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008=post 80611

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Cool Films seen for the first time in 2011:

Books: 2011 2010 Films: 2010

- Bee Movie (2007)
'*****' - WALL-E (2008) - I'm a sucker for a Pixar movie.
Iron Man (2008)
- Run Fatboy Run (2007)
- Alien Nation (1988)
- The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)
- Knocked Up (2007)
- Legally Blonde (2001)
- Goodbye Solo (2008)
Three Kings (1999)
- Diabolique (1996)
- Double Take (2009)
- Hancock (2008)
- Death Race (2008)
- Infamous (2006)
- Galaxy Quest (1999)
Lost in Translation (2003)
- A Matter of Life and Death (1946)
- Black Dahlia (2006)
Working Girl (1988)
- Doctor at Large (1957)
We Own the Night (2007)
- To Catch a Thief (1955)
'*****' - Foo Fighters: Back and Forth (2011)
- Gone Baby Gone (2007)
- Mission: Impossible III (2006)
- 23 Paces to Baker Street (1956)
Watchmen (2009)
- Exit Through the Gift Shop (2010)
The Sea Wolves (1980)
- American: The Bill Hicks Story (2009)
- Sahara (2005)
- Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny (2006)
- Ice Station Zebra (1968)
- Keeping Mum (2005)
- Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)
'*****' - Pearl Jam Twenty (2011)
- Blood and Bone (2009)
- Panic in the Streets (1950)
- Dave (1993)
- Charley Varrick (1973).
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Default Re: 2011 Filmlists

64. Tree of Life
63. Mary and Max ½
62. Restrepo
61. How Green Was My Valley
60. The Omen
59. Drag Me To Hell
58. Dawn Of The Dead
57. The Boy In The Striped Pajamas
56. Grey Gardens
55. Bukowski: Born Into this ½
54. Children Of Men
53. Meek's Cutoff
52. I Am Legend
51. The Station Agent
50. I Heart Huckabees ½
49. Scenes From A Marriage
48. La Dolce Vita ½
47. 127 Hours ½
46. Match Point
45. You, The Living
44. Trainspotting
43. Julie and Julia
42. Closer
41. Troublesome Creek: A Midwestern
40. Immortal Beloved
39. Another Year
38. The Cave Of The Yellow Dog
37. The King's Speech
36. Beautiful Girls
35. Letting Go Of God
34. Reign Over Me
33. Strings
32. Whale Rider
31. The Double Life Of Veronique
30. The Searchers
29. Shakespeare In Love ½
28. The Big Lebowski
27. Billy Elliot
26. Raging Bull
25. Kagemusha
24. King of Kong
23. Alice In Wonderland (2010) ½
22. Across The Universe ½
21. Gandhi
20. In The Valley Of Elah
19. Deliverance
18. Departures ½
17. The Fountain
16. The Social Network
15. Never Let Me Go
14. The City Of Lost Children
13. Harvey
12. The Glass Menagerie (1973)
11. Sita Sings The Blues
10. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World
09. Despicable Me
08. Brokeback Mountain (R)
07. True Grit (2010)
06. Zombieland ½
05. A Single Man
04. The Motorcycle Diaries
03. Inception ½
02. The Bicycle Thief
01. Encounters At The End Of The World
2009 2010 2011
2012 20132014

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Default Re: 2011 Filmlists

Col's Film List 2011

Cinema; TV; DVD/Video (bought or recorded); LF - LoveFilm; not including repeat viewings in a single year.

117. American History X - LF Two brill films in one week.
116. Of Gods and Men - DVD Extraordinarily powerful and moving drama-doc about French monks in Algeria.
115. X-Men: First Class - DVD James McAvoy in a cardigan, lovely.
114. Atonement - DVD
113. The Man in the Iron Mask - TV Enjoyable romp, plus lovely Jeremy Irons.
112. Newsies - video 'Our Man Denton' and Bale singing and dancing. DVD version urgently required.
111. My Neighbour Totoro - DVD ½
110. Michael Collins - LF
109. No Country For Old Men - TV
108. Angus, Thongs & Full-Frontal Snogging - DVD
107. Ratatouille - DVD ½
106. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy - cinema
105. The Boyfriend - DVD
104. Thor - DVD
103. Beastly - LF
102. Kiki's Delivery Service - DVD
101. A Place in the Sun - LF
100. The Wind That Shakes the Barley - LF
99. Winter's Bone - LF ½
98. Body of Lies - LF
97. Lady Jane - LF ½
96. X-Men: The Last Stand - ½
95. X2: X-Men United - DVD
94. X-Men - DVD
93. Flash Gordon - DVD Gordon's alive!!!!
92. House of Flying Daggers - DVD
91. eXistenZ - DVD
90. Toy Story 3 - DVD
89. Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring - DVD (extended edition) ½
88. Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade - DVD ½
87. Little Women - DVD
86. Troll Hunter - DVD
85. A Good Year - DVD
84. Sherlock Holmes - DVD ½
83. Hercules - DVD
82. Shallow Grave - LF
81. Pocahontas - DVD ½
80. Wild Child - DVD ½ Tragically bad US girl goes to UK boarding school brat drama for young teens.
79. Tangled - LF Funny chameleon; 'hmm' consideration of adoption/motherhood/villainy, but a really entertaining film.
78. Black Swan - LF
77. Up in the Air - LF ½
76. The Princess Bride - DVD
75. Much Ado About Nothing - DVD ½
74. Robin Hood Prince of Thieves - DVD
73. Jurassic Park III - TV
72. King Lear - DVD (1983)
71. Sister Act - TV
70. Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief - LF
69. Interview with the Vampire - DVD
68. A Knight's Tale - DVD Heath Ledger is so young and alive in this....
67. The Social Network - LF
66. True Grit - LF (2010)
65. Australia - DVD
64. King Kong - TV (2005)
63. Blood Diamond - DVD ½
62. Night of the Demon - LF
61. South Pacific - DVD
60. Henry V - video (1989) Wonderful battle scenes in Branagh's first Shakespeare film, without Olivier's histrionics and (deliberate) artificiality.
59. Far From The Madding Crowd - DVD ½ How beautiful is Julie Christie, and skilled shepherd Alan Bates, and even more talented sheep, dropping off cliffs and dying of bloat...
58. A Walk in the Clouds - video ½ Remarkably sweet romance with non-wooden Keanu, watched on Cheer Keanu Up Day, 15th June.
57. Grease - TV Catchy songs but horrible plot.
56. Taken - TV
55. Lost in Translation - DVD Although I really am not keen on this....
54. Platoon - DVD ½
53. Snow White : A Tale of Terror - LF
52. The Shadow - DVD
51. Looking for Richard - video ½
50. Finding Nemo - DVD But only for Dory and the turtles and Gill.
49. Last of the Mohicans - DVD ½
48. Mission Impossible 2 - DVD Only for the Richard Roxburgh love.
47. There Will Be Blood - DVD
46. The World is Not Enough - video
45. Cheaper By The Dozen 2 - DVD How I hate this and my younger daughter loves it!
44. Billy Elliott - video
43. Shrek - video
42. In Bruges - DVD ½
41. Howl's Moving Castle - DVD
40. Love's Labours Lost -
39. Quantum of Solace - DVD
38. Big Fish - DVD
37. Willow - DVD
36. Emma - DVD (1996)
35. Calamity Jane - DVD
34. Ponyo - DVD ½
33. A Man For All Seasons - LF ½
32. Monsters Inc. - DVD
31. The Untouchables - DVD
30. Magnolia - DVD
29. Velvet Goldmine - DVD
28. The Princess & the Frog - LF ½ Acceptable Disney with stock characters, derivative songs (from Aladdin mostly), and an actual character-death which is very well done.
27. Young Victoria - LF ½ Very sweet costume drama, but possibly a bit too soft-focus on the queen.
26. Inception - LF
25. Never Let Me Go - cinema
24. The Postman - DVD ½
23. Tropic Thunder - DVD
22. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - DVD
21. Spirited Away - DVD
20. Gnomeo & Juliet - cinema ½
19. LA Confidential - DVD
18. Stage Beauty - DVD
17. Zulu - DVD
16. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - TV ½ Saturday night corn.
15. Shutter Island - LF
14. Queen of the Damned - DVD
13. The Ghost - LF Weird muddled half-baked political thriller.
12. The Proposal - DVD
11. Letters to Juliet - LF Slushy love story thing.
10. Whisper of the Heart - DVD ½ Miyazaki portraying young teen love with exactitude.
9. Othello - DVD (1990) More for Imogen Stubbs and Zoe Wanamaker, than McKellen. Review here
8. Ferris Bueller's Day Off - DVD ½
7. Nanny McPhee & the Big Bang - DVD ½
6. Remember Me - LF Oddly watchable Robert Pattinson drama
5. Paranormal Activity - LF Poor ending, but tense enough for me throughout.
4. Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom - TV
3. The King's Speech - cinema ½
2. Iron Man 2 - DVD
1. Shadowlands - DVD
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Default Re: 2011 Filmlists

Will I? Will I really? Probably not. But I plant my flag regardless.
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Default Re: 2011 Filmlists

True Grit (2010)
A Brief Vacation (1973)
I Am Love (2010) stylish, gorgeous to look at, not quite enough
The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (1943)
Sex and the City (2008 ) + only the clothes were over the top.
The Age of Innocence (1993) just can't match the novel's emotional wallop
The Blind Side (2010)
The Social Network (2010)
Fanny and Alexander (1982)
The Red Shoes (1948 )
Black Narcissus (1947)
Bridesmaids (2011)
The King's Speech (2010)
The Thirty-Nine Steps (1935)
Alfie (1966)
Black Swan (2010)
Dangerous Liaisons (1988 )
Talk Radio (1988 )
Solaris (1972)
In the Mood for Love (2000)
Blue Velvet (1986)
Marty (1955)
Zodiac (2007)
Sea of Love (1989) for about the 10th time, always a winner
Mansfield Park (1999)
Moneyball (2011)
Capitalism: A Love Story (2009)
East of Eden (1955)
The End of The Affair (1999)

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Default Re: 2011 Filmlists

10. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - cinema
09. My Week With Marilyn - cinema
08. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy - cinema
07. The Lovely Bones - TV
06. The Long Day Closes - TV
05. I'm Not Scared - TV
04. The King's Speech - cinema
03. Shallow Grave -TV
02. Jumper -TV
01. The Way Back - cinema
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14 13
12 11

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Default Re: 2011 Filmlists

87 Sister Act A Whoopi Goldberg vehicle, redeemed only by a number of the bit players, Hollywood should be ashamed of itself.
86 Talk to Her (Hable con Ella) LoveFilm . Wonderful Almadovar movie with great soundtrack. The plot a trifle weird, but the photography, acting and atmosphere are spot on. See it.
85 Harold and Maud Ch4. Weird but beautiful movie about young man with a death obsession and his friend, an old lady. It's billed as a black comedy, and it's comical at times but it's also very impressive and well made. Don't miss it if it drifts by your tv.
84 Moonstruck Sky. Again. It's an obsession. But watch it if you get the chance. The following from my previous mini-review: "OK, it's a slushfest in places, but it's funny, too, and this is one of my favourite movies. Cher, Nicholas Cage, Olympia Dukakis, Tony Aiello... Dean Martin with That's Amore. "
83 The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest LoveFilm . I don't know what I expected, but, like the book, this third, and last, in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series is the worst of the three. There's no point in watching it unless you've seen the other two. Nevertheless, a well made thriller, though The Girl is weirder than ever in this episode.
82 Made in Dagenham Sky . Excellent Brit-pic about a strike at Ford in 1966. Not, I must say, subject matter close to my heart, but beautifully made, and my era. I was working in gritty Glasgow at the time. Excellent acting from all concerned.
81 Le Quattro Volte LoveFilm . Beautiful to look at, this Cannes-winning movie is very still. It's easy to commend for cinematography, hard to commend for plot. Impossible to commend for characterisation, except for the goats and the dog, who are great actors. But for immersive, dreamy, sometimes tense, often sad, contemplation of a year in the life of a village, it can't be beaten. You are a fly on the wall, and it works.
80 Complicity LoveFilm . Despite liking Iain Banks, I disliked this film. Adding to the irritation were a mumbled soundtrack and no subtitles.
79 The Social Network LoveFilm . Interesting, but rather unsatisfactory. story of a lawsuit.
78 The Last Victim LoveFilm . Ugly little movie about a student's relationship with an imprisoned killer.
77 Four Weddings and a Funeral Sky. Entertaining slush, contains feelgood factor.
76 Love Actually Sky. Entertaining slush, contains feelgood factor.
75 Tron Legacy Dear, oh dear.
74 Volver Ch 4. Still after a third viewing. Almadovar's excellent movie starring Penelope Cruz as a co-conspirator in manslaughter, and Carmen Maura as her deceased mother should not be missed.
73 Playtime LoveFilm. Jacques Tati's final movie. A shame, really, as it doesn't come close to M. Hulot's Holiday, or Mon Oncle, despite being expensively set and filled with characters. Tati's subtle humour is drawn out very thin here, and the laughs are wry, rather than uproarious.
72 The American Sky. The fourth star is for the scenery and cinematography in this otherwise predictable, yet entertaining, George Clooney vehicle.
71 Route Irish Sky. Ken Loach's excellent movie about Iraq, set in Liverpool. A difficult concept, brilliantly executed, with a few stark messages for us all. A little violent in places, but not remotely gratuitous.
I had kind of given up movie reviews this summer. We watched some real rubbish, but I was revived by Route Irish, so I've crammed in a few other summer movies I can remember from 71 onwards. As a result, I have remembered only the memorable ones, needless to say.
70 Source Code Sky. Excellent psychological thriller.
69 Se7en Sky. Gruesome but clever serial killer movie with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. Much of what Brad mumbles is inaudible, but it doesn't really matter.
68 Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince Sky. Actually not at all bad. Excellent effects as usual and very good acting all round. My only problem... I'm not all that keen on Harry himself.
67 Anatomy of a Murder LoveFilm Another old favourite that hasn't worn well. Jimmy Stewart in a courtroom battle, to the accompaniment of an over-enthusiastic jazz soundtrack by Duke Ellington. <<June 2008 Ranked #7 on the American Film Institute's list of the 10 greatest films in the genre "Courtroom Drama">> I don't see it myself.
66 Fanny and Alexander LoveFilm Ingmar Bergman's late family drama, much warmer than most of Bergman's creations. Outstanding experience, somewhat haunted by the knowledge that we were watching not the three hour cinema release, nor the five hour tv series, but a cut version of the five hour one, running about four hours. I saw part of the tv series years ago, and identified a couple of omitted scenes. Fuller review here.
65 Downfall LoveFilm. Excellent re-enactment of the last days in Hitler's bunker. OK, we all know what happened, but seeing it unfolding on the screen, with wonderful cinematography, was unforgettable.
64 Knight and Day Sky. . Totally unbelievable over-the-top stupid violence and effects. I lasted about ten minutes, by which time the body count must have been in the dozens. Tom Cruise fitted this movie. Cameron Diaz didn't.
63 Unknown Sky BO. Quite a good movie on a familiar theme to a number of American movies. American arrives in Europe and has his identity questioned. (see Frantic, The Bourne *, others I forget). Competently made and not over-the-top. Liam Neeson stars.
62 Sherlock Holmes (the Guy Ritchie one) Sky. Spectacular, but over-violent, new case for the famous sleuth. Set at some point between 1892 and 1894 (judging by views of Eros and the incomplete Tower Bridge), it contains much steampunk, some excellent cgi scenery of Victorian London, and an excess of fist fights, brawls and explosions.
61 White Ribbon LoveFilm. Well-thought-of, Oscar-nominated, German film set in pre-First World War Germany. In black and white, rather harrowing, puzzling rather than mysterious. Beautifully filmed, but very uncomfortable viewing and desperately slow. I wanted to like it better, but it was too bleak.
60 Postcards from the Edge Sky. Mildly entertaining, well-acted by Shirley McLaine and Meryl Streep, but ultimately unsatisfactory drama, adapted from Carrie Fisher's account of her relationship with mother Debbie Reynolds.
59 After.Life Sky. Living proof that a gripping movie doesn't need car chases and shoot-outs to be totally gripping. A minimum of special effects, Christina Ricci and Liam Neeson combine to entertain. Actually, this movie seems to have been generally badly received, but not in this household.
58 Total Recall Sky. Another example of a good story spoilt by a ridiculous level of violence (see Inception). The high spot is when the large lady's disguise peels off to reveal Arnie Schwartzenegger.
57 Witches Sky Anytime. Delightful children's movie. Full of well-cast actors, great Muppet effects, tense in parts. (Warning: no car chases or shoot'em'ups)
56 Inception Love Film BluRay Acknowledging effort and effects, but a movie that'll be soon forgotten. see review
55 Ivan the Terrible Part 2 LoveFilm. I'm giving this 3 stars out of sentimentality, I think. This sequel to Part 1 is slow to the point of stationary, and adds little to Part 1 other than a splash of colour half way through. It was made at the same time as Brief Encounter and Passport to Pimlico, for example, but it feels much older. Eisenstein was a great movie maker, but things have moved on.
54 The Sorceror's Apprentice Sky. I can't believe I watched 20 minutes of this. It's a kids' movie, but Nicolas Cage is better than this overblown fantasy.
53 Case Histories BBC tv. Excellent 6-part tv series based on Kate Atkinson's books. Great casting, Great photography. Atkinson plot complexity. Great Edinburgh locations. Recommended when they repeat it, as they certainly will.
52 The King's Speech Sky BO. Jolly fine movie. Great acting all round. Engaging story. Geoffrey Rush particularly good. But I can't see me wanting to watch it again, which is the mark of a great movie for me.
51 Black Swan Sky BO. Carried the air of not knowing where it was coming from or where it was going. Unnecessary girl porn. Unclear schizoid delusions. Left a bad taste in the mouth. Having said that, Natalie Portman did a great job with terrible material. Without her, it would have been straight to DVD. As it was, they got an Oscar nomination for it.
50 The Secret in their Eyes Sky. Absolute treasure of an Argentinian crime movie. That very rare thing, a movie that kept us on the edge of our seats from start to finish. Entertaining on every level from cinematography through music to acting and direction. dir: Juan Jose Campanella.
49 Ill-met by Moonlight LoveFilm. I had long treasured nostalgic memories of this b&w classic about the kidnap of a German general on Crete in WWII. The repeat viewing was disappointing. Dirk Bogarde as Patrick Leigh Fermor (not entirely wrong casting), the whole thing extremely stagey with very obvious indoor sets and jolly Greek peasants. Ugh.
48 A long gap in movie watching from end April to early June, due to extensive tennis and golf. Did catch half of Beverley Hills Cop II subtitled in Greek, but it didn't improve by re-watching.
47 The Life of David Gale LoveFilm. Cracking good Death Row movie, with Kevin Spacey and Kate Winslet. Well-plotted, full of little surprises, recommended.
46 Chungking Express Sky. Excellent Chinese language movie from Hong Kong. Such vibrant photography, great lighting, interesting locations, lots of activity. A bit like the street atmosphere of Bladerunner. Only problem was the story, which falls into two parts, and seems to have been made up as they went along, so it didn't always make a lot of sense, but I'd watch another film fom the same stable (Wong Kar-wai) in a flash.
45 The Tailor of Panama Old VHS recording. I don't know what I saw in this le Carre adaptation the first time. Probably just the plot, because the movie itself is pretty second-rate - it appears low-budget and hurriedly made. Geoffrey Rush, the tailor himself, is the star, Jamie Lee Curtis stuck in there incongruously, Pierce Brosnan doing his Roger Moore impersonation.
44 Greenberg Sky. Ben Stiller being unnaturally gnomic. I'm not all that keen on Ben Stiller, even when he's doing what he's best at. It looked as if it was destined to be a quirky romcom. As soon as I detected that, I was outathere. Sorry, Ben, but you got one star. It could have been one of these , but the movie wasn't bad enough.
43 The Lovely Bones LoveFilm. Strange one, this. The filming was excellent, and the special effects very good. It was just such a soppy story incongruously wrapped up in a murder. The scenes in heaven were... unconvincing. Frankly, I think it would have done better as a police procedural thriller.
42 1984 Sky. Deeply depressing, yet masterly, version of the Orwell novel. John Hurt and Richard Burton. It seems to me that it is very close to the plot and original atmosphere of the book.
41 Agora Sky. Promising, apparently original, story of a lady philosopher in ancient Alexandria. Very nice cgi recreations of Alexandria, but I abandoned it after 20 minutes when it hadn't gripped me.
40 Awakenings Sky. Brilliantly acted, highly emotional, (almost) true story of a doctor who finds a way of re-animating catatonic patients decades after their catatonia commenced. Robin Williams is the doctor. Robert di Nero the principal patient.
39 Robin Hood (the 2008 version) Sky. Despite the fact that this movie, like Gladiator (which I quite enjoyed), was partly filmed in our local woods, was based on a 'history' that never happened, starred Russell Crowe, and was directed by Ridley Scott, there is no comparison between the quality of the movies. Even the Costner comedic version was better. Garbled crap from beginning to end, and the end is at the point where most Robin Hood stories begin!
38 A Serious Man Sky. Total waste of time. I've learned to equate "quirky" in a movie description with an entertainment value somewhere between Pants and Meh. This one was at the low end.
37 Kenneth Macmillan Triple Bill Love Film BluRay 3 Macmillan ballets from The Royal Ballet. The standout winner of the three is Elite Syncopations, based on Joplin's music with fantastic cheeky costumes. Highly recommended, even if you don't like ballet.
36 La Boheme Sky Great Australian Opera version of the opera with the EXCELLENT David Hobson.
35 The Mikado Sky Excellent Jonathan Miller version of the G & S operetta, with Eric Idle and Lesley Garrett.
34 Equus Sky Disturbing story, but very watchable. Richard Burton very powerful in this.
33 Bolt Sky. Yuk. Hated it. OK, it's a kids' movie, but unsatisfactory.
32 The Fortune Cookie Sky. Matthau and Lemmon comedy which hasn't worn well. I liked it back in the 60s, but...
31 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Sky. . Very pretty movie, this. Not easy for me to summarise because on the two occasions I've seen it, it has had a severely soporific effect on me, but, while I was awake, it was beautiful.
30 Leap Year Sky. Engaging, trivial romcom enlivened by stunning Irish scenery.
29 Les Regles du Jeu LoveFilm DVD. A famous film which did not impress. Too many strident characters overacting. I couldn't evince any interest in any of them.
28 Repo Men Sky. Initially promising feature about spare parts surgery which rapidly descended into a blood-soaked carve-'em-up which went on too long and ended with a cheap trick. Only escaped with two stars because of Jude Law.
27 Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang Sky. Amusing star-studded children's movie. The cgi piglets were wonderful, the villain villainous, the children more than usually acceptable actors. Kids of all ages will enjoy it. We did.
26 Pulp Fiction Sky. More repulsively violent than I remembered, but it retains its wry humour and expert filming. Disappointingly, there were no subtitles. I'm sure it might have been even more amusing if I could have made out all the dialogue.
25 Broken Embraces LoveFilm. This Almodovar movie was most disappointing after the very excellent Volver. Any movie, though, that gives me a rather explicit casual sex scene in the first 5 minutes and 3 or 4 flashback/flashforward events in the first 20 minutes is going to receive the same treatment from me that this one did. Switch off, Eject. Also, the DVD mechanism for subtitles etc was extremely stupid and already had my dander up.
24 The Fourth Kind Sky. Absolutely chilling alien contact story, set in Alaska, and supported by (supposedly live) video and audio evidence for verisimilitude. It is presented as a drama documentary, and sometimes the drama is shown split screen with the video evidence. Worrying. It felt real.
23 Anamorph Sky. Great idea for a serial killer story. The killer arranges murder scenes into an optical illusion. But it doesn't really work very well. The initial illusion, a camera obscura, would never work in practice. Most of the others are badly displayed, and the story is weak. Bit of a waste, really.
22 Black Widow Sky. Debra Winger in a very well thought-out murder hunt. No car chases, no shoot-outs, no special effects, no explosions, no sex scenes, no lavatory scenes, no vomiting, no swearing, no punch-ups. I can't imagine why it was ever made in today's climate.
21 Carlito's Way Sky. Gripping thriller. Al Pacino stars. Brian Palma directs. You really care what happens. I should add that it is real tragedy. The hero puts himself in peril, not because of a bad trait, but because of loyalty, and he perishes because he showed mercy.
20 Ivan the Terrible Part 1 LoveFilm DVD. Classic Eisenstein biopic of Csar Ivan IV, a contemporary of England's Elizabeth I. It was made in 1943-44, but looks older. The framing of the movie is impeccable, the costumes, sets and extras lavish. Music by Prokofiev, great choral background. The use of posed figures and shadows deeply impressive. There is a pro-Stalin propaganda element, as Ivan attempts to unite the whole of Russia against Germans, Baltic states, Poland and Finland. There is a reference to English ships supplying Russia via the White Sea (cue the WW2 Murmansk convoys). I would have given it 5 stars, but it is very slow and the subtitles are very poor.
19 Millers Crossing Sky. Rather deadpan performance by Gabriel Byrne in a well-filmed prohibition-era gangster movie. Machiavellian plot interspersed with over the top gratuitous violence. Byrne survives repeated beatings without visible damage. Unsavoury, really.
18 Harry Brown Sky. Initially glacially slow, the movie warms up to a rather predictable shoot-'em-up and riot. A gritty location in some hopeless multistory housing estate in England. If you fancy Michael Caine as an elderly hard man, and you enjoy rough sex, drugs, delinquents and sadism in your movies, you may enjoy it. I didn't.
17 Pan's Labyrinth LoveFilm BluRay. Beautifully filmed, often very grim, Spanish language movie about a) The remnants of the Spanish Civil War; b) A child's relationship with her wicked stepfather; c) A fantasy quest. The whole is exquisitely cut to present the real and fantasy world living side by side in a very natural fashion. Recommended.
16 Thelma and Louise Sky. If you have never seen this movie, put it on your wishlist. Great road / crime movie, with Susan Sarandon, Geena Davis, Michael Madsen, a sympathetic Harvey Keitel, a loathsome Brad Pitt, directed by Ridley Scott. Great scenery towards the end, a rousing country soundtrack, satisfying denouement. Recommended.
15 Moulin Rouge Sky. - See review
14 Invictus Sky. - Very impressive movie, with Morgan Freeman as a credible Mandela, and Matt Damon as the rather laconic rugby captain Pienaar. A rousing story of national reconciliation. Quite heart-warming in places, and not desperately far from the truth.
13 Where the Wild Things Are Sky. - Disappointing movie version of the much loved graphic children's book. The Wild Things themselves were quite exciting, but the pace of the movie was lethargic, the back-story, absent from the book, was tedious. It didn't grip.
12 Green Zone Sky. - Rather noisy and busy Iraq War conspiracy theory movie, with Matt Damon doing a "Jason Bourne" solo hero job. Set dressing, CGI and military hardware excellent. Story rather believable. Acting, not bad; all the main cast were convincing. Most characters did a lot of rushing around ruined buildings, brandishing weapons.
11 The 300 Spartans - Sky. - Not the recent "300", but a similar story with a 1962 star-studded cast in togas on cardboard sets. Absolute Hollywood tosh. Ditched it 20 minutes in when the first love scene began, set in a studio with bushes, rocks and bad acting.
10 Mon Oncle - LoveFilm DVD. Jacques Tati, but not only Tati; an excellent supporting cast of machines, people, dogs and a horse. Imaginative send-up of modern (1950s) living, and charming, as ever.
09 Synecdoche, New York - Sky. I think a director has a duty to get me hooked on a movie within the first five minutes. Five minutes into this one, and all I knew was that the child was worried her morning poop was green in colour. I gave it another five. Then I ditched it. Crap.
08 Master and Commander - Totally terrific again on this third viewing.
07 Ghost Dog - DVD. Actually quite liked this Forest Whitaker movie where he is a mafia hit man who follows the way of the samurai. Sensitively filmed and without the blood you might expect from such a production.
06 Zen - Ratking - tv movie, Again, I liked the ambience, but the plot of this bears NO RESEMBLANCE AT ALL to the book, and was not properly worked out. Sheesh.
05 Zen - Cabal - tv movie, quite well done, but it has drifted so far from the book which I read recently, and not in a good way, unlike Vendetta.
04 Jour de Fête LoveFilm DVD. - An early Jacques Tati classic. This was the recently restored colour one, and it's not as good as the b & w version that I remember. The pacing is different. I think they haven't edited it the same way as the original. Having said that, I laughed from beginning to end. You can't help it.
03 Alice in Wonderland Sky. - the Tim Burton one. I wasn't expecting much of this, especially since it was HDTV, rather than cinema 3D. However, it was very agreeable, consistently interesting and, I suspect, would have been rather exhausting in 3D.
02 Wallander - Pyramid - tv movie, not very close to the book, but Rolf Lassgård does a lovely job.
01 Zen - Vendetta - tv movie, good adaptation of the book, slight plot changes, mostly for the better.

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Default Re: 2011 Filmlists

  1. Lean on Me. D: John G. Avildsen. Morgan Freeman almost redeems by-the-numbers tale of a hard ass principal. Almost. No star
  2. Cadillac Records. D: Darnell Martin. So-so history of Chess Records. Co-produced Beyonce has a generous role as Etta James. No star
  3. Kung Fu Panda. D: Mark Osborne, John Stevenson. Inherently silly film manages a few laughs. Bit scary for young 'uns. No star
  4. Tangled. D: Nathan Greno, Byron Howard. Very likeable reworking of Rapunzel, without excess cutesiness or annoying Shrek banter. ***
  5. Lust/Caution. D: Ang Lee. Drama about a group of would-be assassins in 30S China. Beautifully executed, but somewhat tedious. *
  6. The Karate Kid. D: Harald Zwart. Remake, in which a young boy learns Kung Fu ... oh, wait, you see the problem. No star
  7. Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky. D: Jan Kounen. Drama about relationship between the eponymous leads. Gorgeous, but dull. *
  8. Something's Gotta Give. D: Nancy Meyers. Nicholson shambles through a dull romcom, doing enough to collect - but not justify - his fee. No star
  9. Black Swan. D: Darren Aronofsky. Mad, silly fun. Roger Corman would have made it for a fraction of the cost, and even sillier. **
  10. Enemy of the State. D: Tony Scott. Big, loud, silly funny. Will Smith gets chased about by The Feds and ... that's about it. *
  11. The Burning Plain. Guillermo Arriaga. Over egged yarn about the repecussions of violence and deceit. Starts well, but ends with an "Is that all"? *
  12. Into the Wild. D: Sean Penn. Well crafted but uncritical account of young man who lost a battle of survival in the wilderness. **
  13. Hop. D: Tim Hill. Tepid kids comedy about the Easter bunny befriending a drop out and they both learn ... Cute bunny. No star
  14. Rio. D: Chris Saldanha. Cheerly yarn a bout a parrot who can't fly who finds himself in Rio. Cute characters, but perhaps too many songs. **
  15. Dark Water. D: Hideo Nakata. Effective psych horror about a block of flats where there seem to be a lot of unaccountable goings on. *
  16. The Fattest Man in Britain. D: David Blair. Timothy Spall improves (as always) dull and obvious comedy about ... well, guess. No star
  17. The Strength of Water. D: Aramgan Ballantyne . A New Zealand community tries to cope with the death of a child, in different ways. **
  18. Capitalism: A Love Story. D: Michael Moore. Good polemic vies with tired Mooresque stunts. More of the former and less of the latter. **
  19. Invictus. D; Clint Eastwood. Obvious account of how the Springbok's united their country. Well made, but no surprises. *
  20. Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan. D: Yuen Chor. Lurid title belies silly kungfu action film with some cursory nipples. No star
  21. Holy Rollers. D: Kevin Asch. Fairly routine film about orthodox Jews smuggling drugs. As they do ... No star
  22. Withnail & I. D: Bruce Robinson. Still great tale of two actors trying to drink their way through the fag end of the 60s. ***
  23. The Reader. D: Stephen Daldry. Rather self important film about a former SS guard. No star
  24. The Conspiracy. D: Robert Redford. An atrocity leads to scapegoating and the abandonment of civilised standards. Might be a message in there. **
  25. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. D: Niels Arden Oplev. Over hyped mystery. Shagging and affected chic aside, might once have starred Miss Marple. *

Star ratings are based the system used by the film reviewer Leslie Halliwell, who was notorious for not really liking films very much.

**** - Something of great significance, a pinnacle of achievement.
*** - A remarkable accomplishment, but lacking the originality or genius spark of four star work.
** - A good effort that will reward investigation.
* - Something lifts this a little bit above the run of common things, though it is generally undistingushed.
No star - a routine affair that might be adequate entertainment, but can certainly be passed by.

The turd () will be handed out as occasion requires, to indicate a piece of work so dreadful in so many ways as to be worthless except as toilet paper.

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