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Default Signatures

Here's how to do stuff with signatures.

To edit your signature, click the User CP link on the far left of the dark green navigation bar towards the top of the screen. Then choose Edit Signature on the left hand list of options. It opens up with a window similar to those you use to enter posts. Enter what you want to appear, format it with colours and italics etc, and then hit Save Signature towards the bottom of the screen.

Linking to Palimplists

Giving a link to your Palimplist is something that lots of Palimpers like to do. It's a simple case of creating a link in your signature. The tricky bit is linking to the right thing, because a link to the Palimplist thread will just bring up the first post - and your list might not even be on that page!

First of all, find your Palimplist. You need to get the unique post number that applies to your list. You get this by dangling your mouse pointer over the Quote button, and looking at the bottom of your browser window. Make a note of the number.

Your link to your booklist is then:

Where yourpostnumber is, well, you guessed it. So, if my Palimplist's post number is 28117 (which it is), I would put:

Bonza! Note, it is important to put the number in twice separated by the hash (#) symbol. The first tells the browser to visit the page which the post is on, the second tells it to jump down the page to that post in particular. It might also be easier to put the link together in a text editor like Windows Notepad, say, and then you can copy and paste the whole thing in the next stage.

Then, you need to put this full address into a link in your signature. Go to the signature editor, type in your link text (for example, My Palimplist) in the format you'd like, then select the text. Hit the link button and then put your special Palimplist link address in the box, and click ok.

And you're done!

Linking to other pages

Is much easier. Just go to the page you want to link to, whether it be your blog or your Flickr page) highlight the address in the address bar, right click your mouse and choose Copy. Another way would be to visit the Edit menu and choose Copy from there, or just hit ctrl-v.

Then, type your link text into the signature editor, select it, hit the link button and paste in your link (again, either right click or use the edit menu, or ctrl-v).

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Default Re: Signatures

I tend to find the number of bytes available for sig rather inadequate. I'm always having to edit and abbreviate mine, because I tend to be reading 3 or 4 books at a time.
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Default Re: Signatures

Most signatures would appear to have a Flickr link. Wavid, why not create a custom profile field where people can input their Flickr ID, and have a bit of HTML in the postbit template (perhaps beside the 'report post') that adds a small image (a Flickr one) linking to that person's Flickr account. Same for other social networky stuff (,, etc.)
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