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Default Bloody Great Lyrics

So as not to offend the PalimpGods by mis-routing posts to the Bloody Awful Lyrics thread, I'd like to see your all time favourite lyrics.

As I know I'm in good company, I'll start off with one of BB's best from 'The Short Answer' :

And the sound of happy couples, coupling happily in the dark
while you and I sat down to tea,
I remember you said to me
that no amount pf poetry
could mend this broken heart
but you can put the hoover round if you want to make a start.
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Default Re: Bloody Great Lyrics

And if California slides into the ocean,
like the mystics and statistics say it will,
I believe this hotel will be standing
until I pay my bill...

Don't the sun look angry through the trees
Don't the trees look like crucified thieves
Don't we feel like desperados under the eaves,
Heaven help the one who leads

ahh Warren Zevon and one of my all time favourite songs.
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Default Re: Bloody Great Lyrics

I can never decide if this is great or awful. From The Waterboys' And A Bang On The Ear:

It started up in Fife
It ended up in tears.

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Default Re: Bloody Great Lyrics

This has to go down as an Elvis Costello classic:

The failed don juan in the big bow-tie
Is very sorry that he spoke
For he’s mislaid his punch line
More than halfway through a very tasteless joke
The fräulein caught him peeking down her gown
He’s yelling in her ear
And all at once the music stopped
As he was intimately bellowing my dear . . .

This is hell, this is hell
I am sorry to tell you
It never gets better or worse
But you get used to it after a spell
For heaven is hell in reverse
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rick green
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Default Re: Bloody Great Lyrics

from Lightnin' Sam Hopkins' "My Starter Won't Start this Morning:"
...Gonna get me a car with two motors
And one with two tailpipes.
So if one of them starts to act up,
The other one will take note and act right...
now watch me work
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Default Re: Bloody Great Lyrics

Best lyric I've heard in years from 'Because of Toledo' by The Blue Nile...

A Boy orders coffee
And he settles down to think
How the women that you love sometimes
Are the water that you drink
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Default Re: Bloody Great Lyrics

*intrigued* what does that mean exactly? That sometimes the women you love are like water (ie stuff of life); or that the women you sometimes love are like water. Or something else entirely?

I can't choose great lyrics because I mostly can't remember them apart from a few lines of Cohen or Cave I've mentioned in other threads.

And welcome, by the way, to Palimp-land!
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Default Re: Bloody Great Lyrics

I have to mention the Magnetic Fields - from Papa was a Rodeo

"I like your twisted point of view, Mike
I like your questioning eyebrows
You've made it pretty clear what you like
It's only fair to tell you now

that I leave early in the morning
and I won't be back till next year
I see that kiss-me pucker forming
but maybe you should plug it with a beer"
I recall a bigger brighter world
A world of books
And silent times in thought
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Default Re: Bloody Great Lyrics

I may not have got this exactly right, but this is one of my favourites:

I used to compose my own critical notices in my head:
The crowd gasps at Cocker's masterful control of the bicycle,
Skilfully avoiding the dog turd outside the corner shop;
Imagining a blue plaque above the place I first ever touched a girl's chest
In fact, pretty much any Pulp lyric could easily make it to this thread.
Libraries gave us power.
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