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Default Filmlist 2017

It begins here

12. Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them - Great fun in a new franchise.
11. Only Lovers Left Alive - Remembering John Hurt; great little film.
10. Verve - Lovely coming-of-age film set in a northern market town
9. Love & Friendship - Stillman does good Austen with this and Metropolitan too.
8. The Nice Guys - Quite fun.
7. Anna Karenina - More proof that Keira K can't act and other people can.
6. Zootopia -
5. La-La Land - Not keen on Gosling's insistence on "You *will* like jazz" but otherwise great.
4. Suffragette -
3. Star Wars: The Force Awakens -
2. Captain America: Civil War -
1. X-Men Apocalypse -
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Default Re: Filmlist 2017

  1. Les yeux sans visage (1960) -extraordinarily weird and wonderful piece of French transplant horror which has been on my must see list for a while. Thanks to Father Christmas and with the indulgence of Number One Daughter who shared the experience with me I saw it tonight. Wow! Loved it.
  2. The Truman Show ( 1998 ) - Daughter Number One's turn to choose a film. I'd forgotten just how wonderful it was.
  3. Ex Machina (2015) - dang! I like good SF films. and this was a good one. And, as Daughter Number One pointed out, the second film in a row to deal with a character in an enclosed environment in which they had spent their entire life.
  4. Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2001) - Daughter Number One's last choice in our week of movie watching while the rest of the family are elsewhere doing healthy outdoorsy stuff. I now have this tune stuck in my noggin:
  5. Robot World (2015) my IMDb review
  6. Star Trek 3 The search for Spock - well that was a ponderous bore. I'd never seen it before - I can see where the 'odd numbered ST movies are crap' theory came from. The best bits were some dreadful costume design, the usual WTF? get out of jail free handwavium technobilge, ( "Protomatter. An unstable substance which every ethical
    scientist in the galaxy has denounced as dangerously unpredictable!") and hilariously risible dialogue.

    KIRK: ... Bones...?!

    McCOY: ... Rapid aging... all genetic functions highly accelerated...

    KIRK: And his mind?

    McCOY: It's a void. It would seem, Admiral, that I've got all his marbles.
  7. The Fantastic Mr Fox - which I like more and more each time I see it.
  8. The Creature From the Black Lagoon (1954) - a lot slower and cruder than I remember.
  9. Le Bossu (1997 aka On Guard) - Good to see this wide screen on DVD as I only had ever seen it cropped on VHS. Great fun, a real old-fashioned swashbuckler with some great art direction and camera-work. Another 75p extraordinarily well spent in CEX.

  1. Buba Hotep - silly fun.
  2. Jumanji - Friday Night Family Pizza movie.
  3. Labyrinth - ditto
  4. Survivor (2014) - Okay I like bad SF movies and This had 'bad SF movie' written all over the DVD case, "The fate of the planet lies in her hands - In the early 22nd Century, the Earth falls out of the sun's orbit..."

    "...falls out of the sun's orbit?"

    That's as far as I got before I decided I had to buy it. How? What? Why? Wha...? I mean for one thing 'falling' implies that something travelling in an uncontrolled manner down a larger gravity well. If the Earth had fallen out of the Sun's orbit that means... what the hell does it mean? And 'the sun's orbit', not the Earth's orbit around the sun.... I was in my 'This Makes NO Fucking Sense SF Movie Happy Place'.

    The cherry on the topping of the 'must buy this' cake though was realising that, buried in all the credits in that annoyingly small lettering cluttered at the bottom of the box (and yes I am the sort of sad git that reads them), there was no director's credit. There were producers credits, costume designers, DP, music and all the other usual (contractually obligatory) credits - but none for director. A film so bad they couldn't even make up an Alan Smithee name to shove in there? And they'd mispelled the name of the show's biggest name actor. 'Kevni Sorbo' (Formally known as Kevin Sorbo star of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Andromeda, and voice-overs for Skylander video games etc.) I hope they spelled all the Kickstarter backers' names that scroll past in the end titles correctly.

    I live for this sort of thing.

    The film itself was pretty bad. The opening exposition - in which our heroine tell us that, after the Earth 'fell out of the Sun's orbit' we tried to steer the planet with 'particle accelerators' but accidentally created black holes 'all over the galaxies' that somehow boiled off all the Earth's water but only after seven giant space arks had made it off the surface - was the best bit. (By this time I was in a sugar coma of delight.) After that it was Mad Max on foot, before a Planet of the Apes-a-like ending, with a bit of The Time Machine sandwiched in the middle. Quite often the most interesting thing on screen was the geology in which drone-mounted cameras endlessly followed our (rather yummy) Army of One heroine and her parkour running 'alien' pursuers. Some seriously interesting looking rock formations on display.
  5. Solaris (2002) - the American remake. It's few years since I watched the 1972 Russian original which I consider to be a bloody brilliant film. I don't know what the 1972 version is about, alienation, dispair, love seeing how long a director can hold a static shot of a slow moving river and still make it fascinating? I have no idea, but I love it dearly. The American version is sort of about, set design, heterosexual love, and the Judeao/Christian God in space. I doubt if I shall be rewatching it. (A decision I probably made during the cheesy visual reference of those hands from Michaelangelo's Sistine Chapel with a small boy standing in for God and a (possibly dead) George Clooney being Adam).
  6. Paris, je t'aime (2006) - 18 short films around a common theme (love in Paris) and it works. There are one or two sections that don't come off but that is hardly surprising. Looking through the reviews on the IMDb everyone says there are one or two that fail - but no one agrees which ones.
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Cool Films/Movies seen for the first time in 2017:

Books: 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 Films: 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010

- The Night of the Generals (1967)
Looper (2012)
- Meet the Fockers (2004)
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Default Re: Filmlist 2017

01. Anthropoid, 2016
02. Words and Pictures, 2013
03. The Boys Are Back, 2009
04. Tracks, 2013

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