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Default Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

How sad is this? Gil and Beryl, 60+ year-olds, on their first opportunity to go to the movies since last festive season, choose Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. And, boy, are we glad we did! It was a cracking good movie. I think it'd be difficult for someone who hadn't read the books, but even they would have to admit that it was first class.

As usual, the art direction / set design was super plus excellent. The cgi was wonderful and seamless. Most of the acting was very good, too, though I have never been entirely taken with the chap who plays Harry.

The only problem is that, even with quite a long movie, you don't get quite enough of everything (though, in the case of the teen romance content, that's a big relief). Not enough Miranda Richardson, Gary Oldman or Alan Rickman. A few small liberties are taken with the plot, but they are largely beneficial, and apparently met with la Rowling's approval.

The high spots:
  • When the dragon is clinging to the slate roof of the castle, desperately trying to kill Harry, and its claws are scratching, breaking, dislodging the tiles
  • When the ship carrying some of the contestants rises from the lake
  • The big views of the castle and surrounding countryside
  • Tom Bell's "funny walk" and the premature cannons (not in the book, but excellent)
  • Mad-eye Moody's spare eye - definite shades of a webcam
Mike Newell (of 4 Weddings and a Funeral) was the director - his first HP movie and definitely the best HP movie so far.

Now, no-one is pretending this was Great Art, but if you go to the cinema these days (as opposed to renting a DVD and watching it at home) then what you want is SPECTACLE. And this film delivers. Oh, and there's no sex in it. Sorry.

Highly recommended
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