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Default Read of the Year 2007

Following a surf around I found an old thread begun by kumquat:

Originally Posted by kumquat View Post
I know it's only April but I'm getting worried. I haven't found my 'read of the year' yet...
So, for 2007, have you found a book that you think will be your Read of the Year? I haven't found mine yet, although On the Beach is shaping up very nicely; finally got around to a good reading sesh and wrapped up 100 pages this lunchtime, and it's terrific...

Anybody else feel they've hit the One?
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John Self
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Default Re: Read of the Year 2007

By crackey, it'll be hard to beat Light Years by James Salter. Line by line, nothing I've read for years, let alone this year, has come close.
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Default Re: Read of the Year 2007

Hmm, I haven't read enough yet. Parade's End is going to be in my Reads of the Year.
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Default Re: Read of the Year 2007

I have to agree at this point with JS, even in his parodying of Hornby on Tyler (line for line etc ....).

There is often an expectation or familiarity factor to be taken into account. But with Salter, I had never heard of him, not once, until Richard Ford's essay appeared in the Guardian (being the introductory essay to Light Years in the Penguin Modern Classics edition). I had no expectation of him, other than Ford's essay it must be said, when I sat down for the first line.

Contrast that with the reviews throughout last weekend of De Lillo's Falling Man. Everywhere, from La Greer's sneering demolition on Late Review to the gushing Sunday Times. However, in this case we are dealing with a combined expectation of writer (a modern archivist of American times) and the event of modern times.

But there are a lot of books to read before the end of the year ...
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Lizzy Siddal
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Default Re: Read of the Year 2007

Although I have rated a couple of YA books , I would probably say that Daniel Kehlmann's "Measuring the World" is the one to beat. But then I am known to be perverse at times.
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beer good
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Default Re: Read of the Year 2007

Probably Pynchon's Against the Day. Not quite the best book I've read all year, but definitely the most... MOST.
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Default Re: Read of the Year 2007

I hope I haven't found my read of the year yet. If so, it'll have to be either the book I'm currently reading - This Thing of Darkness, or L'Assomoir (Zola). Both are very, very good but neither have bowled me over, so I'm hoping a real stunner comes along. I have To The Lighthouse on my TBR pile, so I'm crossing my fingers... And of course, there's the seventh Harry Potter.
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Default Re: Read of the Year 2007

Well, I had to consult my Palimplist on this, so I guess I haven't read my book of the year yet. But Brazzaville Beach would come in the top few, as would Fludd.
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Default Re: Read of the Year 2007

I am currently finishing the 'increasingly inaccurately named Hitchhiker's Trilogy'. I'm up to book three. Not literary genius (in some opinions), but 2007 will be the year I finish the set.

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Default Re: Read of the Year 2007

For me it would have to be Middlemarch. I think it is very unlikely that I'd be reading anything for the remaining of this year to come close. I feel that I can say that with a fair amount of certainty since I haven't read anything better than this magnificent novel in years.

So let's see how well the above statement holds.
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