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Old 2nd Nov 2006, 12:24   #11
John Self
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Default Re: The Weather

Also bright blue skies and freezing cold. (R)
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Old 6th Nov 2006, 11:17   #12
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Default Re: The Weather

todays weather gets a big ol' from me - strange as it may seem I like the fog; the way it muffles sound and mutes colours while at the same time adding sparkle to grass blades and spider's webs, highlighting those most delicate of engineering feats in pearls.

The loss of that fifth star is simply due to the extreme difficulty on such a day of extricating myself from the gloriously warm fug of my bed, where I reside entirely beneath my duvet, in order to go and enjoy the fog.
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Old 6th Nov 2006, 14:53   #13
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Default Re: The Weather

Lately, I have been especially enjoying the morning episodes that I enjoy on my journey to work, with the last glows of sunrise filtering through low mists over the flat expanse of fields and a decided chill in the air that evokes feelings of excitement that it might soon be Christmas yet also contains a warning of the snows and ice to come. They may look pretty, but when those demons arrive, the roads become a kind of fenny hell, at which point I will be cursing The Weather and those frightening themes it repeats on an annual basis.
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Old 14th Nov 2006, 4:58   #14
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Default Re: The Weather

Here in Delhi I'm afraid I can't really comment on the weather, as it's blocked out by the air.

...which is about as viscous as warm bitumin.

...and as fragrant. You wouldn't believe the stuff that's been coming out of my nose since we got here. Ahmedabad was, uhmmmm... medium bad, and Udaipur was bleeding lovely with all the lakes, but Delhi air is just staggeringly horrible.

Still, having said that, I've been experiencing two weeks of 30 degree C weather, and it hasn't rained once. From the weather reports I've seen India has been hotter than most of Africa and South America right now, but I must say I find it hard to believe.

So, weather gets a solid , but the fact that I can't currently see it marks it down to
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Old 22nd Nov 2006, 19:21   #15
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Default Re: The Weather

...a moving saga of bright sunshine and 67 degrees F that compels nurses to run out of doors to the picnic table at lunchtime. Generously tinged with the sorrowful tone of "this may be the last day like this until spring." My new 21speed Trek is hoping that tomorrow will be pleasant as well so that he can squire me on a whirl through the country.
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Old 22nd Nov 2006, 21:05   #16
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Default Re: The Weather

Since fixing the leaking leadwork in the valley over my porch yesterday, I am happy to report the weather round here is now outdoors again, where it belongs.
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Old 22nd Nov 2006, 21:35   #17
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Default Re: The Weather

That is good news indeed.
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Old 22nd Nov 2006, 23:42   #18
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Default Re: The Weather

I'm not getting a clear picture on my weather at the moment - very dull, as if the colour tube has gone, and rather foggy too.
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Old 3rd Dec 2006, 18:59   #19
ono no komachi
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Default Re: The Weather

Phew! This last episode of The Weather has proved to be very dramatic, and kept me awake pretty late last night, wondering what was going to happen next.

Damage limitation exercise this morning: a nice young man come out to fix a slipped slate which we thought should be done since apparently there's more Weather on the way tonight; and thinking ourselves lucky as lots of people are apparently without power.

Interested to see how The Weather is going to unfold - maybe the most dramatic part is over for now!
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Old 3rd Dec 2006, 19:55   #20
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Default Re: The Weather

Not just The Weather itself which is quite melodramatically (and unnecessarily) windy without having anything much to shout about, but it's lead actor The Sun gets a big thumbs down from me too for coming on too late in the show and not even bothering to stride all the way across the stage before he's on his way out again.

I saw a much better production earlier in the year and advise any prospective audience members to wait a few months before buying tickets.

In other words, being somewhat un-scientifically inclined, I have only this past couple of weeks noticed that in the UK in winter the sun is never right overhead but instead comes up half-arsed, late, to inscribe a lazy arc in a corner of the sky where nobody much can see then before things even start to get warm, goes down again. Geography lessons about the meaning of being tropical are finally meaning something to me, my previous home being just a few hours south of the tropic of capricorn where we get proper days with a noon when the sun is high all year round.

Last edited by Kimberley; 7th Dec 2006 at 19:23. Reason: it veered toward the personal there!
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