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hosoda, summer

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Default Summer Wars

My acquaintance with anime is limited so I wasn’t sure what to expect watching Summer Wars, the 2009 film from Mamoru Hosoda. I am familiar with Studio Ghibli, with Gundam Wing, Cardcaptor Sakura and Sailor Moon and an underdeveloped awareness of Akira and a couple of other films but this barely touches the surface. However, what I have seen has been broad enough in style that I can enjoy the simple cartoons of the more child-friendly animations – their unfeasible sweat-drops, magical knees and face-faults are mostly an endearing short-hand that goes hand in hand with more subtle expressions of emotion and mood. The more adult films – Akira, Grave of the Fireflies, Only Yesterday, Summer Wars – are capable of developed storylines and character arcs that reward the viewer with something more than the average animation.

In Summer Wars a maths-nerd teen Kenji is invited to classmate Natsuki's country house for a family weekend – her grandmother’s 90th birthday – but is dragooned into posing as her fiancé. Kenji, like most folk in a technological world, is hooked into an online system which handles most of his life data – here it is the 'Second-Life'-style world of “OZ”, in which many millions of world-wide avatars operate their businesses, financial and social dealings. When Kenji inadvertently solves a coding problem that someone texts him as a maths challenge, he is caught up in a hacking scandal which destabilises OZ and hence most of the world’s crucial techy operations: heart monitors go awry, traffic signal systems, banking details, and satellite configurations. Summer Wars handles the personal, family and international implications of these all-encompassing social networks, and the impact of technology generally, and sets the difficulties – alienation from the family in particular – in the context of an extended family with modern lives and jobs but an unswerving loyalty to what makes the family unit work: the immense value of sitting and eating meals together, working together on problems. Even the black sheep of the family, computer genius, Uncle Wabisuke, comes to realise his value in contributing to the family effort. Some major-league hacking and online Japanese card-game wizardry help defeat the intelligence at the heart of the internet melt-down.

Character-wise Kenji is perhaps a little stereotyped as the inexperienced geeky teen but the film provides sufficient background realism that the stereotype seems valid in this case and the world of internet interaction is lovingly recreated in a very naturalistic way. And the whole film is very very funny – the uncles who sneak their immensely expensive technology home to help solve the crisis; the aunt who fixedly watches her nephew playing baseball in the regional competition; even the irritating little youngster cousins. And then the film is also moving – Grandmother Sakae is a notable elder stateswoman, it turns out, with an indomitable spirit and a heart for inclusion and family that extends to adopting and loving dearly her husband’s illegitimate child.

This was on loan from a mate but we will be buying a copy asap.
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