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Default 2018 Palimplist Discussions

I post this in great hope! I really miss the Palimplist discussions and continue to rely on your Palimplists, ratings, and reviews for recommendations.

First off, lurgee, I am already loving your short reviews this year.

Second, Col, I read The Good Soldier by Ford Madox Ford and started the Parade's End but drifted away for some non-literary reason or other. I see him on ykur list this year; have you read anything else by him?

Third, everyone seems to love Lincoln in the Bardo. Is it the plot? The writing? Other? All of the above? It is waiting on my Kindle, but I haven't given it a high prioroty yet.
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Default Re: 2018 Palimplist Discussions

Hiya, yes, I have read his historical novel "The Fifth Queen" which is about Katherine Howard (fifth wife of Henry VIII) - which is very good indeed. Parade's End is a LONG read but really worth it in the long run.

I've also enjoyed Lincoln in the Bardo, although I don't think it was as stunningly brilliant as some reviews made out. I think John S was not entirely convinced, if I remember correctly.
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Default Re: 2018 Palimplist Discussions

I've not read any of these things! But I am participating in conversation on the Palimp!

I've made a sort of fast-but-slow start to the reading year. My ongoing read is something that I bought a few years ago but has been on my Kindle for about a month - some sort of format issue meant my old one wouldn't accept it, but all of a sudden my new one did, so I've just finished the second book in The Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox - but I took a break in the middle of the first book to snap off something shorter.

Fever Dream was very quick - my first purchase of 2018 at about ten minutes in, and I think I finished it in three of four sittings. Good stuff too, and (although I'm about to be ridiculously optimistic here) I may attempt to make the original my first Spanish-language novel. The writing is kind of simple and direct in a way that makes me think I might be able to blunder my way through, seeing as I'll already know more or less what's going on due to having already read it.

Anyway, now I'm back to Master Li and pals. The first book was fantastic fun, a sort of bawdy ancient Chinese picaresque comedy whodunnit, except the whatdun was nothing to do with the surprise villain, not exactly - whatever, I loved it right to the very last word.

The second was merely good fun. In this case I guessed the mystery villain on first appearance, which was a bit disappointing, but the rest of the story was still entertaining stuff. Book three to follow... and then?

Well, not sure what I'll read next, but I got something called Vernon Subutex 1 by Virginie Despentes for Xmas, so I might try that. Apparently it's the start of a trilogy, "the cult literary sensation that has taken France by storm".

So that'll be nice.
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