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Default Re: Zodiac

Originally Posted by Digger View Post
Well, there might have been a lot of ads and previews I guess, but we certainly didn't leave till after 11 - perhaps the whole viewing experience was too long rather than the film itself. I wish they'd cut all that blather at the start of films and get straight to the film.
The bestest bestest thing about film festivals - no ads or previews! And normally, of course, a chat with the director/producer/cast afterwards. Plus the films tend to be pretty bloomin good. Oxford has a documentary film festival coming up - maybe we should investigate...

EDIT 01: My mistake, it was in March. I was thinking of the Human Rights Film Festival...
EDIT 02: Nope, that wasn't it either. Never mind. Ignore me.
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Default Re: Zodiac

I watched last night and can't help but agree with the general tone of the board, good review too amner! I'd managed to see not a thing in advance, so the opening title listing Gyllenhaal, Downey Jnr. and Ruffalo was a pleasant surprise - there are a lot of good names attached and I don't think there was a weak link in sight.

Apart of course from what seems to be the shockingly obvious, it must be him, why don't they just arrest him, it's that guy - good to see a serial killer movie that acknowledges truth is stranger but far more convincing than fiction. I also prefered Gyllenhaal's aging process much more than in Cowpoke Mountain (my mate Phil's line that and I'm bloody jealous) although I think in this case they just roughed up his five o'clock shadow a bit; not as noticable by any means, but a lot better than rubbing flour in his hair to add thirty years of grey.

I just checked to find out if the older and younger versions of that surviving victim - the one who makes the closing identification - were the same actor; they aren't. I think this is a much better way of doing things, they looked similar enough to be convincingly "the same person", but the later one also looks properly older. Obviously this is never going to happen with your lead male though and in this case I thought Gyllenhaal simply looked more stressed than years older - but I would rather suspend my disbelief than look at an unconvincing makeup job and have the bubble burst.

The self-building tower was cool, anyone remember the overhead tracking on the taxi early on and the uber-Hitchcock Golden Gate Bridge shot? Also, for a moment of top quality humour how about those badges - the whole scene in the shooting range actually. Overall, damn good. Maybe just too slow and introverted to warrent all five stars, but close. 1/2
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Default Re: Zodiac

I liked the badges too 'I am not Avery', brilliant. I'd wear one of those.
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Default Re: Zodiac

Have to add my heartfelt agreement with all these positive reviews. I found this a very refreshing, absorbing, unformulaic film. But to be honest, these four little words do it for me . . .

Ruffalo . . . . Downie Junior . . . . Gyllenhaal

What's not to like?
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Default Re: Zodiac

Yes, it is all true - this is quite an extraordinary piece of film-making. The acting is spotless and Fincher's direction is simply breathtaking. So lush. There is absolutely no way of telling that this film wasn't made in the seventies (well, the greater part of it, anyway). It smells of childhood.

But it is too long, Digger is right. I know it's all on purpose - the cat and mouse play only makes sense if it goes on forever, but I think the same effect would have been achieved if it had lasted 20 or 30 minutes less.

So, because Fincher can do even better. And I'm sure that he will.

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Default Re: Zodiac

Just noticed the DVD of this in my local Tesco for a fiver. A fiver!
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Default Re: Zodiac

Probably the most noteworthy omission from the Oscar nominations. Definitely one of the best fims of 2007.
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Default Re: Zodiac

Very true.
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