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Default Re: The Vinyl Thread

Originally Posted by amner View Post
His first comment was "no skip button!"
There's always the 'lift the needle and guess' method if he's really so averse to listening to a whole record all the way through in the order the artist intended.
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Default Re: The Vinyl Thread

Real men don't lift the needle!
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Default Re: The Vinyl Thread

I'm pretty sure my mum's record player has a skip button. It's a Linear Arm beasty with the arm built into the lid and on a rail that tracks the needle across the disc in a dead straight radial line, like a CD player, not in an arc like a standard deck. There's some optical doohicky in there too that scans the surface of the disc, registers the shiny bits between tracks and lets you programme the thing to play the tracks it discovers in any order you want. Seems like a lot of pointless faffing about to me but my dad loved state of the art stuff and would always buy the 'latest thing' - usually just before it became totally obsolete when the new cheaper alternative won the sales war. (I still have his Mini-disc player - and his Amstrad PCW.)
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