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Default Re: blogs

No problems here, and great to see you, Rick!
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Default Re: blogs

Ah.... Flash Player issue. Thanks.

And... welcome back, rick.
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rick green
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Default Re: blogs

Thanks, it's good to be back.
now watch me work
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Default Re: blogs


I have recently moved cities and decided to document my experiences in a blog. I am trying to make it general rather than specific, and the general tone is one of cod-philosophy - oh dear - as I explained to a friend:

"I think about that book often, mainly inspired by moving today. It's early message is that we resist what we need to do - but in much more detail than that. Interesting. I've been thinking about blogging this move and the year in Manc - but letting myself wander to waffle about all sorts of topics (what I am reading, what I am feeling (big girl!), notes to self, cod-philosophical questions, music links... very random, but reflective and honest (or at least subjectively honest). I read a good quote the other day - "Some people hurt because they don't hurt enough" - which I think is great. (Sartre, not that I am a fan of his but I really get the quote.) I love quotes, epigrams and aphorisms too - the blog will be full of these and speculations about them. Fun. Well, that's the idea."

I'm not making any claims that it is good or otherwise... The address is inspired by Milan Kundera:

"In a scene in his novel The Book of Laughter and Forgetting, Milan Kundera pokes fun at people who write to give their lives meaning. A Paris taxi driver tells his passenger that he is writing a book about his life. When the passenger asks if he is writing the book for his children, the taxi driver says, "My kids don't give a damn." He says he is writing a book because "it will do many people lots of good." Kundera calls this man a "graphomaniac", or someone obsessed with writing books for strangers. He says that graphomania affects people in societies where there is prosperity and leisure to write..." (The Working Life, by Joanne Ciulla, p.209-210).

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Default Re: blogs

hello everyone.

I noticed yesterday that my modest little film blog,, is just about to hit 25,000 views. This may not sound a lot (and it isn't), but it is a lot to me, especially for a site I do little with bar paste up the odd review (usually one I've munged off here). So, I'm pleasantly surprised.

To mark this small milestone I shall be running a competition. Namely a DVD or Blu-ray of any of the movies I've reviewed, in exchange for the best comment added to any of the articles on the blog.

I'll mention this on Twitter, also, and in one or two other spots, so I hope I get a few to choose from.

I haven't thunk up a closing date yet, a few weeks probably. I'll announce it on the blog.

Anyway, happy posting!

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