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Default Re: Appraise on book cover

Originally Posted by bill View Post
Ooh, I wish that had been a quiz! I bought that book earlier this year based on those very blurbs. The Da Vinci Code comparisons do not thrill me, but a mash up of The Da Vinci Code and Jaws might.
I'd like to see a big shark mash Dan Brown up too.
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Default Re: Appraise on book cover

The one that has annoyed me most recently was on the cover of The Modern Library edition of The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket by Edgar Allan Poe.
It is Poe's greatest work - Jorge Luis Borges
I suspect this is a willfully liberal translation when what Mr Borges probably meant was the totally factual:
It is Poe's longest/biggest work.
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Default Re: Appraise on book cover

Behind the scenes at the blurb
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Default Re: Appraise on book cover

Humourous article, Beth. I read the print version in the NYT Book Review this morning.

I must confess to being swayed by blurbs. I have been known to buy, or not buy books based on their endorsements, which has proven to be a very inconsistent barometer. For instance, I declined to purchase David Thewliss' The Late Hector Kipling, because he had no blurbs at all, even though I was quite curious to see what this talented actor could do with pen and paper (I ended up receiving it as a Christmas gift, anyway). On the other hand, I decided to buy Ross Raisin's Out Backward (published as God's Own Country in the UK) based on JM Coetze's endorsement. Both books turned out to be terrible, although Thewliss' was more terrible than Raisin's.

Of course, if I'd have read this article first, I would have found out that Coetze is a "loquacious" blurber, and so maybe not so reliable. I also read that sometimes books can't get published if no-one is willing to blurb them-something that should have happened to The Late Hector Kipling.

And finally, I learned a great new term, "Bloggerati", and their role in judging the blurb.

Essayist, and blurber, David Rakoff comments about blurbs on books:

"But it can just as easily backfire. If it looks like you're too much of an insider, have too-fancy friends etc., that can unleash the bloggerati"

Perhaps this statement points to a more reliable source of endorsement: the book blog.
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Default Re: Appraise on book cover

My curiosity was piqued when I saw the book Unformed Landscape by Peter Stamm on Amazon, as it was translated by Michael Hofmann (practically a guarantee that the book is worth reading). But I was amused rather than amazed by the cover quote, from the New York Times.

If Albert Camus had lived in an age when people in remote Norwegian fishing villages had email, he might have written a novel like this.
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Default Re: Appraise on book cover

i'm still trying to figure it out.Very very obscure...
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