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I'll reply to your Anne Rice query. Her fans today are divided into two strongly opposed camps - those who love/try to find value in everything she writes versus those who hold strongly to the narrative drive of the first three vampire chronicles (some of these, myself included, would have good things to say about the first five or six of the VC).

If you are going to read Anne Rice, read the first two books - Interview with the Vampire and The Vampire Lestat, in that order. One can't be read without the other to balance it. If you like them enough to read more, then Queen of the Damned, Tale of the Body Thief and what many regarded as the 'last straw' Memnoch the Devil. The novel Armand is a useful, if faulty, insight into her most complex character. The books written since are a waste of paper and ruinous of the serious following she had.

Conclusion: she had superb original characters twenty five years ago when I first read them (and I've never stopped loving them); and now she has abused/ignored and distorted them out of existence. Most die-hard fans of the characters berate AR for this, so enjoy your reading of the true Louis and Lestat and Armand et al. IMO there's nothing to beat them in their original incarnations, and AR had a take on vampires that has never been bettered (especially not by her later self).
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