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Default Re: Book 23: REVOLUTIONARY ROAD by Richard Yates

Having read this before I can say that I have somewhat mixed feelings about it. From what I can remember about it I pretty much agree with Col's assessment here, I don't necessarily need to have happy endings but Yates doesn't leave you even a glimpse of hopefulness about the characters specifically or mankind in general. I tend to have kind of an optimistic (perhaps a bit naive) view of life though, so I suppose it's hard for me to reconcile that with the somewhat negative overtones in the book and the fact that there is no chance for a redemption of character for any of the main protagonists.

That being said, I remember this being a pretty easy read, and something that I had trouble setting down once I picked it up. So I did enjoy the book overall, despite the feelings I outlined above. I would probably give it about a rating, if I had to give it one.

EDIT: I just thought about the fact (after reading another of HoneyPotts posts) that I'm not a member of the book group thingy. I hope it was OK to post here.

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