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R.C. wrote:

Christ, HP, with a friend like you the poor chappie won't be needing any enemies.
I think our Rod just got his revenge. Yonks and yonks ago, he appeared on ToTP wearing tight-fitting leopardskin leggings and little pixie boots which only served to make his little lallies littler and his squitty bum squittier. He was singing 'Do Ya Think I'm Sexy' at the time. :D Tried to find this image of him, using Google. I hit on one particular site which promptly invaded my compoot with a trojan virus thingy called seeve.exe that splatters the screen with a myriad of pop-ups, and which has taken two-and-a-half hours to locate and destroy (fingers very crossed), and another half hour finding and installing a firewall. Sheesh! All to prove Mr Stewart works best on radio or CD ...
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