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Hi Bill,
I too have enjoyed the episodes I've seen. I think the concept pretty intriguing and the approach taken is like nothing else in crime drama. I like it, but I find it hard to come by. It seems only to be broadcast after 1:00 am - not usually my time of day.
I wonder about the 'moral collapse' characterization, though. I am inclined to see this show as a gradual exploration of the limits of morality. White's situation is initially desperate; his action eschews "common" conceptions of morality to do right by his family; he steps outside the law. This, I take to be the first challenge to contemporary values. It challenges the myth(?) that there is always a legal option. Once in the badlands, a different set of principles of survival gradually takes over. Can't this be seen as a challenge to what we ordinarily think is "the right thing"?
What do you think?
In any case, it is an entertaining and novel take on crime. We get to see crime from a 'bad guy's' point of view. It is well written and fresher than one more version of Law and Order, no?
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