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Default Re: Book Group Review

Originally Posted by Ang View Post
Just had another idea of how an online book group could be done... participants take turns suggesting a book, as is commonly done in a face-to-face group.

I think you'd need two levels of book group members for this to work:

1 - those who are committed to trying to read just about every book - these people are allowed to choose a book when their turn comes. (like a face-to-face group)

2 - those who just want to opt in if and when they fancy - these people should not be in the rota of choosers but of course can read any they like and hopefully participate in the discussion.

This two-tier system sounds very workable to me... I know I could not commit to reading whatever was suggested, principally because the constraints on my time vary enormously, but would quite feasibly join in now and again... or is that sitting on the fence?
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