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  1. Lean on Me. D: John G. Avildsen. Morgan Freeman almost redeems by-the-numbers tale of a hard ass principal. Almost. No star
  2. Cadillac Records. D: Darnell Martin. So-so history of Chess Records. Co-produced Beyonce has a generous role as Etta James. No star
  3. Kung Fu Panda. D: Mark Osborne, John Stevenson. Inherently silly film manages a few laughs. Bit scary for young 'uns. No star
  4. Tangled. D: Nathan Greno, Byron Howard. Very likeable reworking of Rapunzel, without excess cutesiness or annoying Shrek banter. ***
  5. Lust/Caution. D: Ang Lee. Drama about a group of would-be assassins in 30S China. Beautifully executed, but somewhat tedious. *
  6. The Karate Kid. D: Harald Zwart. Remake, in which a young boy learns Kung Fu ... oh, wait, you see the problem. No star
  7. Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky. D: Jan Kounen. Drama about relationship between the eponymous leads. Gorgeous, but dull. *
  8. Something's Gotta Give. D: Nancy Meyers. Nicholson shambles through a dull romcom, doing enough to collect - but not justify - his fee. No star
  9. Black Swan. D: Darren Aronofsky. Mad, silly fun. Roger Corman would have made it for a fraction of the cost, and even sillier. **
  10. Enemy of the State. D: Tony Scott. Big, loud, silly funny. Will Smith gets chased about by The Feds and ... that's about it. *
  11. The Burning Plain. Guillermo Arriaga. Over egged yarn about the repecussions of violence and deceit. Starts well, but ends with an "Is that all"? *
  12. Into the Wild. D: Sean Penn. Well crafted but uncritical account of young man who lost a battle of survival in the wilderness. **
  13. Hop. D: Tim Hill. Tepid kids comedy about the Easter bunny befriending a drop out and they both learn ... Cute bunny. No star
  14. Rio. D: Chris Saldanha. Cheerly yarn a bout a parrot who can't fly who finds himself in Rio. Cute characters, but perhaps too many songs. **
  15. Dark Water. D: Hideo Nakata. Effective psych horror about a block of flats where there seem to be a lot of unaccountable goings on. *
  16. The Fattest Man in Britain. D: David Blair. Timothy Spall improves (as always) dull and obvious comedy about ... well, guess. No star
  17. The Strength of Water. D: Aramgan Ballantyne . A New Zealand community tries to cope with the death of a child, in different ways. **
  18. Capitalism: A Love Story. D: Michael Moore. Good polemic vies with tired Mooresque stunts. More of the former and less of the latter. **
  19. Invictus. D; Clint Eastwood. Obvious account of how the Springbok's united their country. Well made, but no surprises. *
  20. Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan. D: Yuen Chor. Lurid title belies silly kungfu action film with some cursory nipples. No star
  21. Holy Rollers. D: Kevin Asch. Fairly routine film about orthodox Jews smuggling drugs. As they do ... No star
  22. Withnail & I. D: Bruce Robinson. Still great tale of two actors trying to drink their way through the fag end of the 60s. ***
  23. The Reader. D: Stephen Daldry. Rather self important film about a former SS guard. No star
  24. The Conspiracy. D: Robert Redford. An atrocity leads to scapegoating and the abandonment of civilised standards. Might be a message in there. **
  25. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. D: Niels Arden Oplev. Over hyped mystery. Shagging and affected chic aside, might once have starred Miss Marple. *

Star ratings are based the system used by the film reviewer Leslie Halliwell, who was notorious for not really liking films very much.

**** - Something of great significance, a pinnacle of achievement.
*** - A remarkable accomplishment, but lacking the originality or genius spark of four star work.
** - A good effort that will reward investigation.
* - Something lifts this a little bit above the run of common things, though it is generally undistingushed.
No star - a routine affair that might be adequate entertainment, but can certainly be passed by.

The turd () will be handed out as occasion requires, to indicate a piece of work so dreadful in so many ways as to be worthless except as toilet paper.

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