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Default Re: The Apprentice

Series 10, Episodes 6 & 7

I have apologies to make. I have allowed life and stress and stuff to get in the way of summarising Apprentice episodes.

Rather than spend an entire day of my life catching up, I will simply give you a few tiny vignettes from my notes of weeks 6 and 7, and we will resume with week 8 as though nothing had happened.

Week 6, the candidates had to invent a board game.

‘Bianca’s getting too big for her boots. I’ll put her in her place, no problem.’

‘If someone got this [game] out at a party, I’d probably leave.’

‘You’ve got to be a rocket surgeon.’

[In a tiny hipster-style shop] ‘You can have exclusivity of this game for the Borough of Westminister.’

‘You’ve sold Mayfair and Park Lane for a fiver.’

‘Pamela, you’re fired.’

Week 7, the candidates had to invent and market a new brand of soft drink in New York.

‘I wanna be project manager so bad.’

‘They will have to work as a team no matter what the time zone.’

‘We could call it “Love Water”.’

[Shots of crowds crossing streets in New York City. I spot some sailors. Are we suddenly in ‘On The Town’?]

‘The streets are really, really straight aren’t they? They’re just... straight.’

[To an auditionee for their advertising video] ‘Hey, can I get your number?’

‘Three young people will explain how this drink has affected their lives.’

‘You’re just making a funny squinty face.’

‘Is it really iconic? Who knows.’

‘Is that a phallic symbol on the can?’

‘Dear oh dear... what was that? What’s it all abaht?’

‘He’s not Zuckerberg.’

‘You made the Piers Morgan of soft drinks.’

‘Lauren, you’re fired.’
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