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Default Re: OLD WOLF - a short story

Yes, tactfully and wisely put, W. If anyone is familiar with what happened to the BBC Big Read forum and its offshoot when both of them completely lost the plot thanks to too much aimless idle banter and, in the case of the off-shoot (I've decided it better to edit out its name), a contagion of sickly 'niceness' and toothlessness, they'll know its not something you ever want to happen here. I'd put the word, 'shudder' in asterisks here but as we all know by now, I'm allergic to such a practice.

On the subj of Palimpian of the Year - coo, yes! What larks ... and am absolutely agog to know what crimes, if any, Palimpians must commit to be nominated. Of course what we need to kick things off is a spot of belligerant trolling ......
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