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Default Re: Book 39: I AM MARY DUNNE by Brian Moore

Originally Posted by Oryx View Post
Mary Dunne seemed like nothing more than a puppet for the various actors in her life, reacting to her strings being pulled and doubting herself so much as to allow others to create-or re-create her memories. Mary's passivity in the face of the likes of Janice Sloane and Ernest Truelove made me want to scream.
I disagree. The scenes with Janice were very realistic - and I think Mary reacted in exactly the right way - Janice was only pretending to be her friend - I doubt that Janice has any real friends. I'm not sure I'd call Mary passive - rather "resigned". She was shocked at what Janice said, but not that it was Janice who said it. A quick retort from Mary would have been unrealistic. She managed to get away later in the day, avoiding the mink coat expedition. If she were passive, she'd have continued with that.

The Ernest Truelove visit was much less realistic. It seemed quite forced to me, and to be happening on the same day as the Janice incident didn't give it any more credence.

The real tragedy of Mary's mental state is that she is hiding it from Terence, who truly loves her and would stand by her and is not likely to think she's insane. She thinks he'll commit her to an institution! Was that quite common in those days?
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