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Default Re: Book 53: A STAR CALLED HENRY by Roddy Doyle

I don't know if it appropriate to jump to old book discussion like that ,a wack behind the head if it's not.

I lived a year in Cork and my wife is Irish so i'm sort of interested in local product,Doyle is certainly on of the tastier home-brew.
I read most of his work (not his parents story,or the woman who walked into door)and re-read the Snapper regularly.
I listen to A star call Henry in audio read by the man himself,and it was a wonderfull introduction to the history of the country a that time.The reproche one can do to Doyle is to be a bit to gifted with words which sometime get your head spining.Very few pause,load of images,it even worst in "Oh play that thing",i just gave up before the end.
Funny enough it's the same reproche i would make about Pratchett(whom i like less),this proficency.
The audio version is even better than the paper for Doyle is a fantastic reader.
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