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Yes, I read those, too, Jim. There were some minor niggles - McEwan has obviously researched his subject and is a little free with the medical terminology at times - too eager to convince the reader he, the author, knows his stuff; the game of squash - for those new to it - might be considered overwritten, although I very much enjoyed it, having played a few times myself; and as mentioned, the rather infuriating Daisy, apparently beautiful and talented and published! (in one so young, and one who writes poetry which is notoriously impossible to break through with - this is stretching things a little). But nevertheless, for me, it was a welcome page-turner. I liked Henry. I was happy to spend time with him. Sometimes, with a book, as with people, you just can't help liking them, regardless of the flaws. Warts 'n all, Saturday was such a book.

Col Have had a quick check through to find Daisy's age, but no joy. I don't actually remember her age being specified, but I assumed she was in her mid to late twenties. Perhaps Jim may have noted it ....
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