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Default Re: Recent Purchases 2013

I'll add it to my ever lengthening never-to-be-reviewed pile, but having slurped it up on the big day itself I can confide it to be intricately beautiful in the images and imbued with a kind of absentminded distance in the atmosphere and narration. It's about finding a strange, out-of-place thing in what seems to be a slightly strange world in general, and the finder of it is somewhat strange himself--doubly so, since it is an unusual event for anyone to look up and simply notice an unexpected thing--but layering all these strangenesses on top of each other results in something oddly mundane. The world of the story would no doubt be considered resolutely boring by its inhabitants. Not by its readers though.

Huh, I guess I just reviewed it. Better c&p this to my blog, quick!
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