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Default Re: Recent Purchases 2013

Books galore from my family this year (today is my birthday too, so let's start with that):

This arrived with a miniature comb, a small jar of sandlewood-scented moustache wax and a plastic 'tache key ring that says "Well, hello there" in a slightly lecherous manner when you press the button... Also a rather charming silver and ivory moustache brush (dated 1915, so I'll overlook the monstrous animal abuse).

Heavy as a brick with a glossy finish, just like all good steampunk things...

Lovely, this one.

Oh, hai santa: the book that shines an exposing light upon Tommy Wiseau's uncommon movie masterpiece, co-written by one of the stars. I've read chapter one and already laughed out loud.

And last, but by no means least at all:

Every bit as cool as it promised to be, and I got the remastered Original Series One on DVD to boot.
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