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Originally Posted by Jerkass
I was only implying that I think I'd spend a lot of time with myself if I were an attractive strawberry blonde.

There, you've only made me say it out loud!

Being an attractive strawberry blonde myself, I can tell you that it doesn't quite work that way, Jerkass (if, indeed, that is what you jerk).

I've never been crazy about my avatar but chose it in a hurry in order to stop pissing people off by choosing THEIR avatars by mistake, not realising they had already been taken.

I think my sulky blue-faced friend over there has the opposite effect of JS's benign yellow-phizogued avatar: it makes my comments seem more mean-spirited than I intend. Some avatars are just plain scary. For instance, Grendel, I'm sure you're a lovely person but somehow that growling monster who represents your words makes them seem aggressive somehow (to me anyway). The power of pictures, huh?
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