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Default Re: 'Bad Singing Scenes' - can you make this list up to ten?

Originally Posted by Colyngbourne View Post
...what I like about the singing in MR is that they do sound like themselves singing, and that is part of the appeal - it's not a neutered, perfectly-toned delivery. That might be an excuse for imperfection that I wouldn't necessarily accept in other musicals (though The Phantom of the Opera has some seriously shoddy singing at times), but in MR I find it more acceptable in context, and Ewan McGregor has a very good go at it. We have the soundtrack album (and do listen to it )
I agree about the voices, but I still have a beef with some of the songs selected. I'm no Bono worshipper, but Pride (In The Name Of Love) was about Martin Luther King being shot and other civil rights movement issues. It's only just bearable when performed by U2, so somehow Ewan adapting it to woo Nicole seemed a little odd.
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