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Default Re: Dennis Sewell: The Political Gene

Originally Posted by Ang View Post
Why would you say "except into our national pension schemes such as Social Security Disability and Retirement, Medicare and Medicaid" - to pay into those, they were working. So you think it's okay for your business to minimize tax, but low income people should not get a break.
I think that if it's okay

- for the people who pay taxes in this country to have to plan their pregnancies carefully, limit the number of children they have to a number they can support, and put aside money not only for a retirement more comfortable than US$1500 a month will support but for the education of those children in college, then

- it's okay to say to supposed adult men and women who neither work nor pay taxes, yet reproduce

"Ah. You've made not one baby, but eight, at public expense. We have some fascinating, if perhaps thankless, job opportunities for you. We'll make sure that your life is made meaningful and fulfilling by insisting you join every other pair of parents in the country in working hard to support your kids.
If you choose not to avail yourself of these opportunities, we'll find parents for your children who WANT to support children, love them and provide for their needs, and in the meantime we will no longer support you in the manner to which you have become accustomed.
Let us know what you decide.
Signed, the Patriarchical Folks Who Are Footing the Bill"

See, small businessmen are getting screwed every time they turn around here in America. They and their employees are being made to support Big Insurance by purchasing insurance policies that cover unlikely contingencies such as maternity coverage for men and for ladies who've undergone hysterectomies, and other cynical, if crowd-pleasing dirty tricks.

And while the Internal Revenue Service still doesn't care much if they support the President's political party with contributions to tax-exempt organizations which support his agenda, God help them if they'd like to support tax-exempt organizations who don't support the President or his political agenda.

The IRS says they've stopped such one-sided acts of partisan intimidation, but how's Congress to know? The Inspector-General of the Treasury Department, along with over 50 other Federal agency Inspectors-General, have filed formal complaints of complete non-cooperation from the agencies they are legally required to oversee for misconduct of this sort.

Meanwhile, the IRS told Congress with a perfectly straight face that it's taken them two years to find documents documenting the Obama administration's Nixonian tactics. This from an organization that requires taxpayers to maintain records on their income for from five to seven years.

Somehow, blaming small businessmen for wanting to reduce subsidies to one of the most secretive, vindictive, corrupt and wasteful administrations in American history's a bit rich.
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