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Originally Posted by aemy View Post
Don't despair, all right- (um, more'n likely left-) thinking and stalwart souls. If it can happen in sometimes wishy-washy Canada, it can happen anywhere. And it did happen here - June 28, 2005. The third country to make same-sex marriage legal, preceded only by the Netherlands and Belgium.

Strategy to consider: find ways - other than this issue - to radically divide a party (e.g., the Liberals; Chretien was PM and fellow Liberal Paul Martin would have killed for the position. In the furor which followed, all possible members of the electorate were courted - so to speak.)

The Win for legal same-sex marriage in 2005 ... 158 to 133.

Sorry, can't do the link in that smooth green-line sophisticated way (all advice gratefully received) but the url is:

And Stephen Harper (now Conservative Prime Minister) is busy privatising much of our nation-wide universal health care system, and making huge cuts to various levels of education. He's not bothered much by same-sex marriage at the moment. More money and corporate support to be found in fresh fields and pastures new.

Nice synopsis by the CBC .. including Martin's allusion to Canda's Charter of Rights and Freedoms, a legacy of the controversial but judicially independent-minded Pierre Trudeau.

I like this country.
Here in the United States, a libertarian majority of the Supreme Court of the United States of America is gradually overturning laws against same-sex marriage (since only one law defining marriage as a heterosexual rite was ever passed at the Federal level here, and the core of that one overturned in the past year by the Supreme Court as a violation of the Due Process Clause of the Constitution).

Since the Due Process Clause of the Constitution is almost overwhelmingly popular here (it underpins almost ALL civil rights law, so that ALL the minorities which comprise the populace of the United States - the Jews, Roman Catholics, blacks, Hispanics, Irish, etc. - want it to stay law) I don't anticipate any serious move to repeal it.

Thus, in American law, it's not so much that same-sex marriage is going to be made the law of the land by Congress - no votes for that in the next two years - but that any attempts to outlaw it are going to be struck down in court on Constitutional grounds as soon as they reach the Supreme Court for review, and this is indeed happening with alacrity and regularity.

Three cheers for Constitutional government (with a "little book," as Piers Morgan derided it)!
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