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Default James Herbert, R.I.P.

Sad to learn (via friend who described him as "one of my formative-years authors") that James Herbert died yesterday.

He was one of my formative-years authors too, and not just because he gave a fair bit more sex with his horror than Stephen King. Although I grew out of his little corner of the genre much faster than I did King's, I still recall my fondness for several of his books. I started out on the proper horror, The Rats, Domain, The Fog, etc., but now I cringe a little to think that I enjoyed The Magic Cottage so much that it became a comfort reading on more than one long family car journey (when, exactly? Early teens? Not later, I hope!).

I was enough of a fan to make a point of watching him interviewed on Wogan (for American Palimpers, Terry Wogan was an Irish TV and Radio personality who held a vice-like grip on BBC1's hottest evening slot for decades). It was the first time I'd seen the man aside from his cover-photo, and I remember feeling cheated when he turned out to have a rather weak, high pitched voice not at all as I'd imagined. The exact same thing happened later with King, but I got over the disappointment; now, since I'm trying my hand at genre writing and hardly have a rumbling baritone myself, I consider it a sign of things to come...

Here's to a guy who entertained, and gave me a taste for pulpy fiction.
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