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Default Re: Book 58: BLACK DOGS by Ian McEwan

And it wasn't before the end of February, obviously. I blame Dumas.

Anyway, like Col on her first reading, I found the scene in the darkened bergerie intensely nervewracking. [My copy is a Vintage, and it hasn't been reset (the type looks pretty ugly and doesn't fit the page very well), so I wonder if perhaps the incident deliberately encompasses a page turn.

The novel is a triumph of tone and suspense. As a novel of ideas I found it frustrating to have the allegory of the black dogs explained so carefully to me, like a parable. But I supppose that Jeremy is the true centre of the novel - a figure of his age - suspended between faith and rationality, whose response to evil can only be the confused narrative that Col describes.

Sorry - not much to say, because I found it all a little thin.
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